Review: When the Marquess Met His Match (An American Heiress in London #1) by Laura Lee Guhrke

October 24, 2013 Review 2

Review: When the Marquess Met His Match (An American Heiress in London #1) by Laura Lee Guhrke

What happens when a carefree, disreputable, stone-broke bachelor is forced to find a wife in a hurry? He hires a matchmaker, of course. What happens when the matchmaker doesn’t want to help him? Well, that’s when the fun begins…

Nicholas Stirling, Marquess of Trubridge, loves his life just as it is: dissolute, scandalous, and deuced good fun. His father, the Duke of Landsdowne is not amused, and when he cuts off Nicholas’ trust fund, the fun-loving marquess is forced to find an alternate source of income—in other words, he has to marry an heiress.

Every new-money American heiress knows Lady Belinda Featherstone is the key to social acceptance. Once a new-money nobody herself, Belinda discovered first-hand how heartbreaking the game of love and matrimony could be after a reprobate British earl married her for her money. Now a respectable widow, Belinda has become England’s most successful matchmaker, guiding young American heiresses through the hazards of the London season and helping them to find husbands worthy of them. To her mind, the Marquess of Trubridge is nothing but a fortune-hunting scoundrel and she has no intention of allowing him to charm his way into any American girl’s heart, including her own.

Title: When the Marquess Met His Match
Narrator: Laura Lee Guhrke
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: 29 October, 2013
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 384
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Stars: five-stars
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Admittedly I have been in a historical romance phase, and I really don’t see it ending anytime soon.  Today’s title is the first in a very promising new series by author Laura Lee Guhrke, and is the first (although not the last) title that I have read from her.  In fact, a quick run through of her works had me adding 7 more titles to my TBR pile.  I need to stop doing that!   But, back to this title.

Belinda Featherstone is an ex-pat American who was married for her money and brought to London to live.  She is since widowed, and is a respected lady of society: she is helping other young American women make matches during the season in London.  Yes, she is a matchmaker, and quite successful and well-respected.  Not only does she have the connections, she also had her own personal experience to guide her in keeping the less than honest men from her girls.

The Marquess, Nicholas is a bit of a reprobate with no intentions to wed, but his bank balance requires he make changes fast.  When he makes application for Belinda’s services, she is right in her beliefs that he isn’t looking for love, but a pay day.   One word that Nicholas is not used to hearing in his life is no, especially not from a woman.

This story then takes a turn as Nicholas needs to reform his attitude, for his ‘indiscretion” was not as it seemed to prove his worthiness to Belinda for one of her girls.  What neither expected was the attraction between them: and the fact that while Nicholas does need to make some ‘adjustments’ to be the sort of man Belinda would wish to marry, but she also needs to see that beneath the devil may care attitude is a man with a good heart and more bluster than badness.

Conversations are clever and funny, with dialog that is both fast-paced and clever.  Both main characters are exceedingly well developed and their point of view is always clear.  Both grow throughout the story, with some real turmoil shown in some difficult personal growth moments.

Secondary characters are great insets into the plot, allowing the reader to know the characters better through other eyes, as well as adding some moments of laughter and levity.  Set in an undefined timeframe, but not wholly in keeping with a Regency feel, this story was a total delight and has me looking forward to the next installment.

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  1. Lori H

    Awesome review! I enjoy this author too. I’m looking forward to this book. I haven’t purchased it yet. I enjoy other genres but historical is my fave 🙂
    Glad you liked it.