Review: Maybe This Time (Belonging #2) by A.M. Arthur

October 29, 2015 Review 0

Review: Maybe This Time (Belonging #2) by A.M. Arthur

As a regular at gay hotspot Pot O Gold, Ezra Kelley avoids his tangled emotions with the simplicity of one-night stands and attachment-free hookups. Until the night bartender Donner Davis picks him up off the floor after a misunderstanding and too much tequila. Ezra can't remember the last time someone was…nice. It's more than he deserves.

Witnessing his lover's death two years ago has Donner trapped in a holding pattern—living in his sister's basement, working at the Pot and flirting with the customers. He's not above spending a night with the gorgeous Ezra, but love is not in the cards. That's more than he's ready for.

A passionate night leads to a connection neither man expects, and they take the first steps to something that looks like a real relationship. But Ezra's been running from himself so long he doesn't know how to live any other way. And Donner can't risk his heart just to lose everything again. They'll both need the strength to let go of the past if they want to get it right this time.

Title: Maybe This Time
Author: A.M. Arthur
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Maybe This Time, Stand By You, The Truth as He Knows It, Getting It Right
Series: Belonging
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Stand By You, No Such Thing, Stand By You
Published by Carina Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: July 21, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 168
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Maybe This Time easily works as a stand-alone. Jaime and Alessandro from No Such Thing have small roles here as they are close friends with Ezra but nothing pertinent from their book carries over into Donner and Ezra’s story. If you’ve read Getting it Right you’ll see that some of that timeline overlaps with this one. This installment of A.M. Arthur’s Belonging series takes place in the same Wilmington Delaware as her Restoration books.

Donner and Ezra know who the other is thanks to Pot O Gold. Donner is one of the bartenders at Ezra’s favorite place to find a sexy hot hook up. Their paths are bound to cross at some point. Initially it seems like good no strings attached fun. That is what both Ezra and Donner look for when they seek out a hook up. They soon start trying to make their paths cross since they both see that they enjoy the others company more than just a one off. This is all fine and great until Donner wants the trusting openness that comes with a relationship and Ezra won’t allow himself to share like that ever again.

Donner and Ezra both have some stuff in their past that they would like to keep there. Ezra’s past is something that still haunts him and affects every hook up he has. The thing he wants to keep deeply buried forever is the thing that keeps him from having more when it comes to long term relationships. Donner knows all about keeping some secrets buried. He also knows that his baggage is something that significant other needs to know about. The whole of these secrets and pasts makes Ezra’s and Donner’s story so good. As a readers you want to see them get past these hurdles and have a happily ever after.

Arthur introduces Romy and Brendan of Stand by You. She also sets up the horrific circumstances they meet under. I’m looking forward to getting started on their book. It’s guaranteed to be amazing!

Paranormal Romance

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