Review: Midnight Heat (Midnight Cowboys #3) by Cat Johnson

February 22, 2016 Review 0

Review: Midnight Heat (Midnight Cowboys #3) by Cat Johnson

He needs to escape...

Justin Skaggs is on the road to anywhere—as long as it's far from home—when fate throws a kindred spirit across his path.

She needs to get to Oklahoma...

Phoenix Montagno can't believe her luck when she runs into the hottie from the bar. He's the key to her getting everything she's always wanted, but she can't tell him that. Luckily he's not interested in learning her story any more than he is in sharing his.

Both have secrets they don't want to share...

It's the perfect arrangement. No personal details. No talking at all. Just two strangers sharing the cab of a truck heading the direction they both need to go . . . until they decide to share a bed, too.

Title: Midnight Heat
Author: Cat Johnson
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Series: Midnight Cowboys
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Published by Zebra
Source: Publisher
Published: February 25, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 368
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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In a last minute decision that is rushed due to school starting Phoenix decides to go to Arizona then on to Oklahoma to find out more on some information that is mistakenly given to her. Her haste has her on the side of the road in front of a dive bar with a broke down car and little car sense. Hoping that her car will “get better” she goes into the bar looking for some assistance. What she finds is the cowboy who will be her savior.

A long drive is what Justin was looking for when Rohn wrangles him into going to Phoenix to retrieve the remainder of Bonnie’s belonging from her home there that is about to go up for sale. The stress at home is getting to be too much for Justin to deal with. He also isn’t handling his own emotions too well where the loss of his father and brother and how that affects his mother is concerned. The Skaggs household has been consumed by sorrow since his brother was killed in Afghanistan two years ago. Justin feels he needs to worry about providing for his mother. So he goes to work then home, his life is set on repeat from there.

There was a huge disappointment in Midnight Wrangler (for me) that is resolved here. I was overly pleased by this. Even with the connection and carry over from the previous book Midnight Heat still easily works as a stand-alone. It’s that thing though that kept me from getting interested in Travis and Phoenix’s romance until after Phoenix confronts her reason for going to Oklahoma. That all comes to a head after the midpoint. By that point in a book I am usually rooting for the couple and their happily ever after. The side thing going on should not be what is taking precedence for me.

The ending has me considering quitting this series. I’ll wait to see if the next book belongs to Kim and Colton before I make that decision. Kim is Phoenix’s best friend. I think Kim is going to be needed for Phoenix to leave California and put her in close proximity to Justin who is in Oklahoma. That’s right I got a happy for now, not a happily ever after feeling with this Midnight Cowboy book. Justin and Phoenix never even exchanged an “I love you.”

Zebra Paranormal Romance

The moment I read Justin’s thoughts on Jeremy’s truck this is the first thing that crossed my mind.

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