Review: Misadventures of a Good Wife (Misadventures #2) by Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt

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Review: Misadventures of a Good Wife (Misadventures #2) by Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt

Kate and Price Lewis had the perfect marriage—love, fulfilling careers, and a great apartment in the city. But when Price’s work takes him overseas and his plane goes down, their happily-ever-after goes down with it.

A year later, Kate is still trying to cope. She’s tied to her grief as tightly as she was bound to Price. When her sister-in-law coaxes her into an extended girls’ trip—three weeks on a remote island in the South Pacific—Kate agrees. At a villa as secluded as the island, they’re the only people in sight, until Kate sees a ghost walking toward them on the beach. Price is alive.

Their reunion is anything but picture perfect. Kate has been loyal to the husband she thought was dead, but she needs answers. What she gets instead is a cryptic proposal—go back home in three weeks, or disappear with Price...forever.

Emotions run high, passions burn bright, and Kate faces an impossible choice. Can Price win back his wife? Or will his secrets tear them apart?

Title: Misadventures of a Good Wife
Author: Helen Hardt, Meredith Wild
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Series: Misadventures #2
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Published by Waterhouse Press
Source: Publisher
Published: October 3rd 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 200 pages
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Whew! What a ride!!!  I love Misadventures of a Good Wife! This was one for the record books!  I started reading this book and I was so immersed I never put it down!! Geez! This story made me drop my mouth open and say did I just read that right?  Yea, I did…. I HAD to keep reading!

The story is incredible and the true love that soulmates possess was the heart of this book.  Kate and Price have what everyone would dream to have.  They have a life where their love is epic! One that puts that other person first. One that is so beautiful and revered, but also so very heart-wrenching when disaster strikes.

The blurb gives you the gist, but the execution is so well done. It isn’t cheesy, and it isn’t corny. It grips you right in the heart and never lets go! The plot is totally believable and all the twists and turns are just so well done. The all-encompassing love they have for each other and the need to stay together, overrides any fear of the unknown. I was certain everything in the end would be all right! Getting there was a challenge, but the authors never let me down!

Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt take their writing abilities to the next level with this book! It was worth every minute I spent with Price and Kate! I can see myself reading this over and over! I have loved all the books I have read in this Misadventures series, but this one hold a special place in my heart!




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