Review: Miss Redmond’s Deception by Sandra Cox

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Review: Miss Redmond’s Deception by Sandra Cox

When Captain Richard Greyston encounters three figures in a graveyard, he takes them for a spectral visitation until he realizes it is two young ladies-in their nightgowns, no less-and their spinsterish companion. A spinster with slender limbs and an enchantingly velvety voice. Pembra doesn't care a whit for the captain's opinion of her, even after circumstances force them into a sham betrothal. But when a gypsy warns her that his life hangs in the balance, she begins to realize that her heart is not so uninvolved as she might like to pretend.

A Blush(r) historical romance from Ellora's Cave

Title: Miss Redmond's Deception
Author: Sandra Cox
Source: Publisher
Published: 27 February, 2014
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 188
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-half-flames

Sandra Cox delivers a wonderfully compelling Regency-era romance in Miss Redmond’s Deception, with quick witted characters, clever banter and a villain that finally gets his just desserts in the end. Add in a marmalade tomcat that rules the village and a stray Scottish deerhound that has a propensity for protection and the action never ends.

Pembra is wonderful, if more than slightly outrageously behaved for a woman of her day.  Uninterested in fashion, propriety or even societally sponsored encounters, she spends much of her time serving the community as a healer and midwife, and even dabbling in veterinary medicine.  With her parents long gone, she has raised her two younger sisters under the chaperonage of an elderly aunt, and while all three girls are beautiful, they are not necessarily conventional.

Richard, Captain Greyston and grandson of the Earl is also a wonderful character: honorable, forthright and possessed of a great sense of humor.  His time as a bachelor is not spent monastically, but the rumors of his profligate ways are often exaggerated.

When he discovers the truth about Pembra, and her rapid-fire responses that display her keen wit and ascerbic tongue, he is intrigued.  That intrigue quickly turns to an unexplained obsession that he first tries to pass off as lust before he realizes that this woman who turned his world upside down is the one he wants forever.

The course of love is not simple in this story: both Richard and Pembra have issues with trust, and being married is low on Pembra’s list of things to do in her lifetime: her father’s constant infidelities deeply wounded her mother, and she will not subject herself to similar.  Richard is intrigued, and finds himself constantly upended and off balance with her reactions, he is willing to admit to jealousy when thinking of her with another, but cannot speak of love until he had almost lost her.

Quick to read, with clever insertions of inappropriate language dropping from Pembra’s lips, a singularly odious villain and the overbearing tomcat and exuberant dog along with several secondary characters all taking moments to laugh, commiserate or berate our courting couple made this a book that will leave a smile on your face.

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