Review: Moment of Weakness (One Moment, #1) by Toni J. Strawn

October 10, 2015 Review 0

Review: Moment of Weakness (One Moment, #1) by Toni J. Strawn

The rules of engagement are clear: it’s all-out war. And their hearts are on the line.

One Moment, Book 1

It’s not that Abby Harkness’s ex cheated. Hell, it’s not even that he did the dirty with her own sister. The worst part? Everyone—even her own mother—knew about it before she did.

These days, Abby’s nomadic job makes it easy to stick to the rules that protect her heart. Rule number one: Never stay in any man’s bed more than one night. But when a carefully planned tryst falls through, she finds herself stranded in a boardroom—naked—with the one man who makes her body scream danger.

Three hours of mind-blowing sex later, Marcus Brookhein walks out of the boardroom feeling like he just lost. That doesn’t sit with someone who lives and breathes competition. Next time, he’s making the rules. Starting by getting her assigned to work side by side with him.

Abby is desperate not to repeat a night of pleasure that left cracks in her carefully constructed defenses. But four long weeks of close proximity loom before her. And Marcus has a lot to teach her about playing dirty…

Title: Moment of Weakness
Author: Toni J. Strawn
Series: One Moment, #1
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: October 13th 2015
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 142 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Abby’s ex was a liar and cheater. What’s worse is that he cheated on her with her very own sister! And what can top that? Everyone knew before she did-even her own mother! Because of that, Abby now lives by a strict set of rules. Top one being no man gets more than one night with her. No feelings to get hurt. No vulnerabilities. Protect your heart at all costs.

After a meticulously planned rendezvous falls through, Abby is presented with plan B. Plan B’s name is Marcus and he spells danger for Abby. Up to now, she’s kept her distance from him because she feels things when she’s around him. But wouldn’t it be fun she reasons with herself. And it’s only for one night…

Marcus accepts the rules Abby lays out and after three hours of mind-altering sex, both are forever changed. But neither wants to concede to the other. Marcus decides he’s got to up the stakes if he’s going to come out on top-literally! He starts by hiring Abby and her firm for a month-long project. When Abby finds she will be working side by side with Marcus for the next month, she’s leery. She knows if she grants Marcus another night, not only will he win, but he could very well be her complete undoing.

This was a very hot read! Marcus and Abby were setting the sheets on fire-or in this case the boardroom table! I could feel Abby torn by Marcus and how he makes her feel. She could see herself getting close quick. She doesn’t want to be hurt again so she is bound and determined to keep him at a distance. Marcus is just as affected by her and I love how he plots to make her change her mind. The back and forth was amusing! Abby feels betrayed by her ex but even more by her family. You would think she could get over it, but for every step she makes forward, her sister pops up and pushes her back two. No one wants to feel vulnerable so she shores up the walls around her heart.

Moment of Weakness is the first book I have read by Toni J. Strawn and I am eager to read more! She has a fresh way of writing that makes everything feel real and totally acceptable. I loved how we got points of view from both characters. You need to pick this one up! You’ve just found your next new author!


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