Review Move Me by Annabeth Albert

August 7, 2013 Review 0

Review Move Me by Annabeth Albert

Mark and Jill Evans have an enviable marriage—great kids, nice house and a loving relationship. But lately, Jill can’t escape the feeling that things have gotten a bit stale. Mark’s been working long hours and she misses the days when their bed was used for more than folding laundry.

When Mark reveals that he’s landed a big new client—and a chance to move the family to France for a year—Jill objects and sparks a passionate stand-off. Mark proposes a sexy bet to settle their disagreement about moving, and his wife can’t wait for the games to begin. The battleground is the bedroom, and it’s a no-holds-barred war to see who moves first.

Title: Move Me
Author: Annabeth Albert
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: 10 July, 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 96
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Stars: four-stars

Less a story about a move to France, and more an examination of a woman stalled, this was an interesting read.  I will admit to finding Jill more than a touch annoying: too controlled, too restricted and only able to let go if and when her husband is sexually dominant.  I found her a bit infantilized and angry – rather than rant or discuss, she acted out with silence and retreat.  Even her children are tired of the fears: while they have activities and options, and the house is the center of child-centric activities they don’t vacation, they aren’t allowed to broaden their horizons.  Her reasoning was given, and made sense: but I wonder just how good her friends were to not force her hand.

Mark, her husband, had gotten caught in the corporate climb and working hard to provide his family with all they need. Like many men, his love and desire to protect and provide often take precedence over family time and attention.  When he has the opportunity to head a project in France for a year, Jill puts her foot down: refusing to go.  She worried that in a new place, Mark would continue to work long hours, miss family events and essentially be unavailable.

Thus starts a path of reconnection between this long-married yet adult-time deficient couple. a surprise getaway, incredibly hot and steamy sex, and some interesting revelations that come to Mark about his wife, his life and his desires.  Far from making great changes in Jill’s behavior for more than a moment, she manipulates his expectations only to thrash them, and paint herself into a corner.

Annabeth Albert created a story that managed to combine long-held tensions, revelations and some incredibly hot sexual scenes and situations as this couple works to rediscover their connection and reorganize their priorities.  It was refreshing to see growth in Jill, and the connection of her control issues to the need to be dominated worked well.  More importantly, the path of rediscovery of the couple in a family unit was one that many readers can understand.




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