Review: Never Too Late by J.P. Bowie

May 3, 2016 Review 0

Review: Never Too Late by J.P. Bowie

Knocking fifty isn’t bad enough? Jared Haas gets a double whammy when his doc tells him he needs a hip replacement. Can a hunky but too young paramedic smooth the way to recovery?

Jared Haas isn’t happy. On his own for more than two years after his partner of twenty years, Daniel, died, he’s knocking fifty and now his athleticism is threatened by, of all things, a hip replacement. How to make a guy feel really old! At least there’s eye candy nearby in the very nice shape of Steve Forrest, a hunky paramedic who is willing to take more than just a professional interest in Jared’s welfare. The problem is, in Jared’s opinion, he’s too young.

Steve is persistent, though, telling Jared that the difference in their ages isn’t ‘the Grand Canyon of time’. His good looks and sweet nature, not to mention his patience in waiting for Jared to heal before making his move, eventually wear Jared down, and the first time they make love, Jared knows he is lost in lust. Something he never thought possible.

Their idyll is shaken when Daniel’s brother shows up unexpectedly and declares his love for Jared. David has left his wife and his job back in Seattle ready to move in with Jared and claim him as his own. To say Jared is taken aback by this strange turn of events is putting it mildly. How can he tell David he’s completely delusional without breaking his heart?

Here’s another situation Jared never thought he’d have to deal with, only this one isn’t nearly as pleasant, and might prove to be the end of his relationship with both men.

Title: Never Too Late
Author: J.P. Bowie
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: May 3, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 89
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Stars: three-stars
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Hmmm…where to begin on this review for Never Too Late. Let’s start with the story. No wait, I don’t have to because it’s all spelled out for you right there in the blurb. Normally I don’t mind a well written blurb but when it reads like the Reader’s Digest breakdown of a book that is already a novella it makes me think what’s the point. The only thing missing is the lower level nitty-gritties like the sex between Jared and Steve. Hot, yummy and nicely detailed.

As for the characters, there are some pros and cons about them. For starters, Jared while I liked him, he did seem to be a bit whiny about his hip replacement. No not the replacement itself but that suddenly he is feeling old. Everything around him in the beginning of the book seemed to revolve about it like how he expects his co-workers to break out in old folk jokes. I get it, growing old sucks but he really did hyper-focus on it a bit too much. Age is just a number dude, remember that. Now Steve was real sweet in a sexy guy-next-door kind of way. No complaints when it comes to him. Mixing them together and eventually becoming a couple definitely helped the story be less about Jared a whiner and more of a pleasant person. Now David is another story. I don’t need to explain him since his issue is detailed out right there in the blurb. All I can say is, drug him, put him on a plane back to Seattle and tell him to grow the heck up.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like the book but in reality I did. It has a nice flow, a nice story line and just enough sparks and drama to make this novella an entertaining read. As my first read by author J.P. Bowie not too bad. I may consider reading him again. If you like them short, sweet with minimal amount of drama then Never Too Late is right up your alley.



Never Too Late
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