Review: New Pack Order (Pack, #4) by Eve Langlais

May 9, 2014 Review 1

Review: New Pack Order (Pack, #4) by Eve Langlais

With the death of Roderick, an evil hybrid vampire, Marc and the other freed wolves should have breathed a sigh of relief. Instead, a new menace has arisen. It will take courage and cunning to battle it–or a cold hearted vampire who, despite his loner ways, not only forms a bond with a shewolf and a rogue, but establishes a New Pack Order.

Marc can’t escape the memories of what he did while under Roderick’s mental control, but he can attempt to atone. He begins his quest by saving a female Lycan who needs guidance—and a mate. The problem is convincing her to accept his help, and his love.

Thaddeus has lived too long to waste his time playing the games the other vampires indulge in. However, when it comes to keeping his kind safe from the notice of humans, he’ll do what it takes to stop a madman intent on starting a war. He embarks on a one man quest to avert disaster, but along the way discovers even a killer can become a hero—and a lover.

Antonia might regret losing her humanity, but with a werewolf and a vampire at her side, she discovers an inner strength and passion to not only live, and fight, but to love, not just one, but two very special men.

Title: New Pack Order
Author: Eve Langlais
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Series: Pack
Published by Amira Press
Source: Author
Published: May 11, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Menage
Pages: 188
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

“A pack. A new kind of pack order. A pack for the future.”

This quote really sums up what is going on in this installment of Eve Langlais Pack series. A beta, a newly activated female, and a vampire walk into a bar… no they meet in New Pack Order under very unusual circumstances and it makes for a great read.

Marc is still reeling for the temporary loss of his mind. He is feeling alone and is suffering severely from the atrocities he committed against his own in Seeking Pack Redemption. I totally hated the way he got the shaft at the end of that book so to see him front and center in this book was a total treat for me. I adored Marc in the previous book and his actions towards Toni and her shock of changing into a wolf made me love him even more.

From the moment the vampires started making little appearances on the pages of this series I have been curious about what they will bring to the series other than chaos and havoc. Thaddeus shows readers much of that. He is somewhat of a typical vampire. He is old and wise and a bit of a loner. He has gotten used to putting his needs above others. That is what has put him into contact with the wolves to begin with. He is trying to prevent some power hungry members of his kind from starting a war that will involve all. He is happy with the status quo, or so he thought. The moment he notices Antonia he sees that he might just be missing something. Throw Marc into the mix and he sees that he is actually missing more than one something and it could be something that would work for him.

Eve is known for her amazing female characters. Antonia does not disappoint. She is the force that draws this trio together to make it one hot read. Human or so she thought she is thrust into a world filled with the things that she has always thought were just tales of things that went bump in the night. As it turns out she is one of those things that goes bump in the night. Lucky for her she has a sexy vamp and a sweet wolf to stand beside her every step of the way into her new life. The fact that they will help her fight to stay alive while bringing down the evil that is stalking her will just forge their bond even stronger.

Eve Langlais

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