Review: Nightfall (The Cy’ren Rising trilogy #1) by Robyn Bachar

July 30, 2013 Review 0

Review: Nightfall (The Cy’ren Rising trilogy #1) by Robyn Bachar

Her heart says “never”. Her body says “now”.

When a wounded runner stumbles into her workshop, sculptor Talena Spenser’s comfortable, quiet life is shattered. Aiding the escaped slave risks losing more than just her freedom. She is in phase, when Cy’ren females are overwhelmed by the drive to mate.

Mordacki Loren, shadow sword of House Nightfall, knows the pain of losing a mate. He never intended to take another. But Talena, raised by humans with little knowledge of Cy’ren ways, leaves him no choice. As the mating lust consumes them, Dack promises to honor her wishes—even if that means letting her go.

Scarred and hardened by a munitions accident that sent her Alliance career up in flames, Carmen Hawke joined the Cy’ren resistance as captain of the flagship Talon. When old flame Dack returns from a mission with Carmen’s childhood friend and first love, Talena, in tow, the temptation to allow someone—or two someones—close to her again cracks her emotional armor.

Pursued by an unknown enemy, the trio works together to discover the secrets of Talena’s past, and to uncover a threat that could destroy the fragile peace of the Cy’ren homeworld.

Warning: If the epic space battles, gunfights and swordplay aren’t enough to get you going, strap yourself in for a male-female-female threesome that’s scorching enough to fire your engines into overdrive.

Title: Nightfall
Author: Robyn Bachar
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Morningstar, Sunsinger
Series: Cy'ren Rising
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Morningstar, Sunsinger
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: July 2, 2013
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 232
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: five-flames

I like my sci fi reads in the form of space opera. I absolutely love the fights, rebellions, political coups, outer space adventures, with a heavy side melodrama. Robyn Bachar delivers that with her Cy’ren Rising trilogy. She has also wrapped this tale around an extremely hot erotic romance! Erotic sci fi romance, yes indeed this is a great read. I am also very happy to say I cannot wait to get the next book into my grabby little hands.

The crew of the Talon is part of the Cy’ren Resistance. They are working to free all of the off world Cy’ren slaves. Dack is injured while stealing some much needed data from the slavers they are trying to bring down. He encounters a female he believes is one of the many Cy’ren slaves. Dack does the only honorable thing, he rescues the freed Cy’ren that is Talena.

Talena hides in her shop away from all males. She is fighting the phase (mating heat) the last thing she needs is the problems that a male of her kind can bring. She was raised among humans and the she knows of Cy’ren males tell her to keep her distance. The handsome Cy’ren male that is bleeding on the floor of her shop is trouble to the nth degree. She knows that helping the wounded runner in her shop is illegal.

Talena soon finds herself in the midst of a battle between resistance fighters and slavers. A decision to help someone leads her on an adventure that reunites her with her childhood friend Carmen, gives her a mate in Dack, and she soon starts uncovering secrets that she never knew could have possibly affected her life the way they have. Carmen is given the opportunity to have back the two best things she ever had in her life.

I recommend Nightfall to anyone who loves some erotic sci fi or one who thinks they may want to try reading girl on girl sex. Dack the one male in this ménage made the two females together work for me. He has history with one and is currently going through a mating with the other. There is definitely more male and female sex. The two females having a history and bringing their love for each other into the relationship with the male allowed for this female same sex reader virgin to dip her toes into that relationship. The fact that all three characters are so easily likable made this new experience all that much more enjoyable for me.

Robyn Bachar


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