Review: Ningaloo Nights by Tracy Cooper-Posey

August 12, 2013 Review 2

Review: Ningaloo Nights by Tracy Cooper-Posey

New York cop Sherry Abandonato cashes in her savings and dashes to Ningaloo in remote northwest Western Australia to find her sister who disappeared ten days ago. The only one with the skill to guide her to Derremawan is Mason Hayward, once an official guide with a reputation for getting people out of trouble, but now the town’s bad man.

In a searing afternoon of unexpected passion, Mason strikes a bargain. He’ll get her to Derremawan, if she agrees to go there with him unconditionally, on his terms and his conditions.

Sherry is astonished to find herself agreeing to the insane bargain, and worse, responding positively to the idea of three days of Mason Hayward dictating terms out under the Australian sun.

Title: Ningaloo Nights
Author: Tracey Cooper-Posey
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: July 24, 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 92
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Stars: four-stars

Sherry is a tough as nails New York city cop. Her instincts from law enforcement and her duty as a sister will not let her not investigate her sister’s disappearance. Sherry is smart enough to know that Australia could eat her alive. She knows the trek ahead is dangerous so she seeks the best guide there is to take her on the journey of following her sisters footsteps.

Ningaloo has the best guide money can buy. The price is steep and most refuse to suffer his crass arrogance. Mason figured out how to keep the locals away a long time ago. Years later he still wields his ill temper as a weapon. Sherry’s need to find answers takes her to his doorstep. Mason’s way with words nearly sends her away. Through a negotiation steeped with sexual tension they come to an agreement to go on their journey to find some answers regarding her sister. Many miles later and some very hot nights they find so much more.

I want to go camping with a man who packs survival gear like Mason. This book is wildly mis-titled. It should called Hot Outback Nights with Mason and His Bag of Kinkery. It was a big bag of fun for Sherry. Mason had a assortment of goodies that’d make the employee of any toy store blush. He used them often and Sherry enjoyed every single minute of it. Considering the reasons she traveled to Australia in the first place I’m sure it was a much needed distraction.

Tracy Cooper Posey


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  1. suzlyne

    “It should called Hot Outback Nights with Mason and His Bag of Kinkery” With this recommendation I have to check this book out!