Review: No Living Soul (Lexi Carmichael Mystery #9) by Julie Moffett

December 30, 2016 Review 0

Review: No Living Soul (Lexi Carmichael Mystery #9) by Julie Moffett

Although I never expected it, my work as a computer geek has me traveling around the world, solving mysteries and fighting bad guys. Sometimes with my friends, but always with trouble by my side. So you'd think by now, I would've expected to be plagued by danger when I headed to Egypt with my best friend, Elvis Zimmerman, and boyfriend, Slash, to help track down Elvis's missing and estranged father. Nope.

Genius runs in the family, and we quickly discovered Elvis's father is hot on the trail of an ancient and elusive artifact. One that people are willing to kill to find. Tombs, tablets, scarabs, and code come together as we follow a set of clues that has been waiting millennia to be discovered. Cracking code is my speciality, but I never expected to tackle one from fifteen hundred years before the advent of written language.

But the sands of time are running out. We are facing death as it was before the pyramids even existed. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, we won't be able to rewrite history. So it's up to us to find and safeguard the secret to ensure no living soul ever encounters it...again.

Title: No Living Soul
Author: Julie Moffett
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Series: Lexi Carmichael Mystery #9
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Published by Carina Press
Source: Author
Published: January 2, 2017
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 264
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Stars: four-half-stars
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The gang is bank and they are off to Egypt. Elvis’ estrange father send him a package that has him, Slash, Lexi and Gwen flying across the world in order to find him. Museums, ancient mysteries, scary spores are just some of the things that are thrown at them. Lexi’s social awkwardness takes a direct hit when they need assistance from the very beautiful Zizi. There’s lots of surprises along the way that keep this mystery moving at a very fast hard-to-put-this book down pace. And oh my gosh, Lexi, camels or dogs are combinations that should not exist. Hands down, they were my favorite parts in the book. I couldn’t stop laughing.


I just love this this series. Mystery, laughter, adventure and great characters, really there’s nothing to hate here. There are quite a bit of plot twisting here that had me rushing to devour this book. Not so much a lot of hacking this time around but there still was a lot of excitement for me to enjoy. The detail the author put into describing Egypt blew me away. As for the whodunit, I saw it coming! Well only sort of. I was right on the who but not the why. I was waaaay off on the why and I commend anybody who got it right. When it all gets spelled out it makes sense but the collecting of the puzzles pieces never would have given me the indication of why.


I’ve only started reading Lexi Carmichael Mystery series recently and already I’m addicted. Between the mysteries, the situations they find themselves in and the laugh out loud clumsiness of super nerd Lexi, I know this is one series I will continue to follow. It’s great for anybody who wants a fun entertaining, mystery book to enjoy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.



No Living Soul
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