Review: No Room For Change (The Chiwa Talisman, #2) by Mari Freeman

April 13, 2016 Review 2

Review: No Room For Change (The Chiwa Talisman, #2)  by Mari Freeman

Book Two in the Chiwa Talisman Series (formerly published as Hot, Hard and Hexing)

Sonja Ambercroft is the good girl of the family but kidnappers want the Chiwa Talisman in exchange for her cousin. What else is a good girl to do? She steals the powerful amulet from her sister (breaking about 20 supernatural laws in the process).

She also shouldn’t use the talisman to boost her own power, should she? How was she to know doing so would allow the Dreamstalker to invade her mind and giver her sexy fantasies?

Ray Burgess was sent into exile in the mountains for misusing his magic. The last thing he needs is a Halfling on his property trying to complete an illegal spell. He should turn her in. He should walk away. He should…

But when magic is drawn to magic it’s impossible to ignore.

Together they fight their growing attraction, and each other while working to save the young girl and prevent the Dreamstalker from using the talisman to boost his own evil powers.

Title: No Room for Change
Author: Mari Freeman
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Series: Chiwa Talisman
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Published by Nightshade Publishing
Source: Author
Published: April 3, 2016
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 345
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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This installment of The Chiwa Talisman series picks up just a few days after Change for Me. Sonja Ambercroft is in a predicament that she has no desire to get her sister or her Prime boyfriend involved in. Sonja is determined to get her cousin back from the kidnapper. She’s following the ransom note. Get the talisman to the drop off without notifying law enforcement. In a desperate attempt to find out more about her cousin and the evil kidnapper Sonja decides to use the talisman to her advantage. Sonja just never guessed that law enforcement and outside assistance would be thrown her way.
Ray has been exiled by the Council and thrown off the police force. He has taken to solitary living away from everyone and become a very recluse mountain man. Once a cop, always a cop, a policeman’s intuition never dies. He knows there is more going on than what Sonja has let on. Does he help her or does he save his own hide from getting into more trouble with the Council?
This was a very enjoyable read. I liked Ray. He wanted to do what was best on a larger scale and follow his instincts, but he also wanted to assist Sonja in seeing her task through. Sonja is having erotic fantasies about Ray. The fantasies are distracting her from the task at hand, getting her cousin safely home. Sonja and Ray worked great as a couple. While rescuing Kara they were able to help each other through their problems from the past that have held them down for far too long. No Room for Change is an action packed sexy adventure.
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