Review: No Simple Sacrifice (Secrets of Stone #6) by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

May 16, 2017 Review 1

Review: No Simple Sacrifice (Secrets of Stone #6) by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

If I could turn back time…

You know what they say about wishing for the impossible.

My name is Talia Perizkova, and time is usually my best friend. It’s been good to me in the months since I left the man who nearly wrecked me and I’ve returned the favor by working hard at Stone Global Corp, now getting promoted to lead one of SGC’s key expansion projects.

There’s only one mar on that record. The night I told time to kiss my ass, during a business trip to Vegas with my bosses—yes, my bosses—and experienced a night for the record books with them both. But what happened in the City of Sin refuses to stay there for any of us and time has joined forces with his pal, karma, to exact payback—from the depths of my heart.

Fletcher Ford. Drake Newland. They’re two of the business world’s sexiest, most sought-after bachelors and I’ve fallen for them both. Their passion is everything I crave, their protection is everything I need—and their love is everything my orthodox family will never let me accept.

The solution, according to them, is simple. One man steps down so two of us are happy.

I could find a way…

But sacrifices are rarely simple and one plus one doesn’t always equal happily ever after. That means the three of us have to decide—take a chance on this rare love we’ve discovered…or give in to fear and lose each other forever?

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Title: No Simple Sacrifice
Author: Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
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Series: Secrets of Stone #6
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: May 9th 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 239 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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No Simple Sacrifice is book six in Angel Payne, and Victoria Blue’s Secrets of the Stone series and it’s a sultry, emotional, and at times amusing read.  I ran the gamut on feelings with this one! This book is about the relationship between Talia, Fletcher, and Drake.  Having just come into this series here, I was concerned whether I would be lost or not. The blurb was enough to make me want to try and I am glad I did.  You can read this by itself as I was easily able to keep up, but I think the read would be better had I at least read the book prior to this.  This book has made me want to read the ENTIRE series now!!

Talia is trying to figure things out.  Since she had an earth-shattering weekend with her bosses, Drake and Fletcher, she’s trying to sort it out about her feelings for them as well as her family.  Her family is decidedly old school and does not look kindly to anything out of the ordinary so it doesn’t reflect bad on them. But she has serious feelings for these two men and it’s not begrudgingly going away like she’d hoped. The men are seriously hot! And so very dedicated to Talia! All their endearments tugs on those heartstrings and I ate up of them!!

When Drake makes a rash decision to remove himself from the equation-it was heart-wrenching! Fletcher and Talia were left with denial, anger, confusion, and were dumbfounded on how to pick up the pieces and move forward. Could they? Did they even want to?? I felt so bad for all of them. They were literally miserable.  In trying to do the “right” thing, it tore up the lives of three people! How is that right?? I know I couldn’t have handled it any better than Talia did herself that’s for sure!

You knew we had to get some closure and these three needed to come to some understanding and sort it all out. The angst had a stranglehold on me and I had to get to the HEA so I would feel better myself!  I truly was invested in their struggles and wanted it to all work out.  From the outside looking in, I figured what needed to be done, but to do it-well that’s two very different things.  Talia had to decide if what she had with her men outweighed what she was getting from her family.  Only she was able to make that decision. I get that however, her getting to that point was chaos and the pain getting there was excruciating! Yet have no fear! With Angel Payne and Victoria Blue driving the boat, you know they will give you the ending that you want and their characters wholeheartedly deserve!


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  1. Angel Payne

    Thank you SO much, Deb, for this well-thought and deeply considered review. We’re so thrilled you loved the story. Our hearts and souls went into it.