Review: Not All Angels Have Wings by NL Hartmann

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Review: Not All Angels Have Wings by NL Hartmann

Jaded and wary, ballet star Alessandro Woodman has been sleepwalking through life since his lover left him with an empty apartment and a broken heart. One night, Sandro accompanies his best friend to an art gallery where he finds a spectacular painting for one of his bare walls and a strange young man who he cannot get out of his mind.

For his part, shy artist Greg Klein arrives in the city fresh from the Midwest and lands a one-man gallery show even before he begins art school. The two miss one another that first fateful evening, but a twist of fate gives them another chance.

Title: Not All Angels Have Wings
Author: NL Hartmann
Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 05/18/2016
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 78
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Wow!  What a beautiful and touching story this quick read is.  It is reminding me  “The Barn Dance by James Twyman”. I always love some supernatural/spiritual elements in a story and I was well served in this one.  This is the first book that NL Hartmann has published and I will make sure to look up for his or her future work.  I have read the other reviews about this book and I was surprised that the ratings were so low.  While this story might not be perfect, I love the way that it is dealing with life and death.  This work is not a typical M/M mainstream romance and I believe that may be why people have some issues with it.  We need to take it for what it is : a story that is exploring the different dimension of love along with the author beliefs about the afterlife.

It is not an easy book to review because I can’t  get into the story without giving spoilers.  I’ll keep it to the basic, Alessandro is a ballet dancer that overcame a tumultuous relationship with his ex.  His heart has been shattered in thousand pieces and he spent a while living like a recluse trying to heal himself.   When he goes to an art gallery, he sees Greg. At that moment,Sandro is instantly attracted to him but he disappeared.  He falls in love with some paintings that he saw there and he decides to buy one to place in his bedroom.  A Couple of days later, the art gallery owner is offering Alessandro to meet the artist and he discovered that it is none other than Greg.    Little by little a relationship is forming between them two.

There are a lot of characters for a quick read, but that is not overwhelming.  Alessandro is a character that is broken, little by little he overcomes his heartache and he is able to live and love again.  His journey on this earth is not an easy one.  He has to go through a lot of life lessons and do a lot of soul searching to find peace within himself.  With the help of his sister, he is taking it one step at the time.  Greg is an artist that flew his home to follow his dreams.  His parents are not accepting  him. All he always wanted to do is painting and that is what he is finally pursuing.  He definitely has an artistic gift and he pours his heart and soul into his work.  He is very gentle and I really like him.

The author is taking us on a journey where we encounter grief, sorrow, hope, love and joy.  It was an emotional read and I love when an author is taking us in a different direction of what we thought it would be in first place.  The the second part of the story had me shivering and captivated.  Not All Angels Have Wings happen to be a reflection of my beliefs, that’s why I hold it is so close to my heart.

I definitely recommend this read, it is easily done in one sitting and it is speaking directly to our soul and emotions.


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