Review: Notes of Temptation (Hollywood Jazz) by Rebecca Halsey

March 21, 2016 Review 0

Review: Notes of Temptation (Hollywood Jazz) by Rebecca Halsey

Together they take the stage. Together they must defend it to the death.

Hollywood Jazz, Book 1

When Carrie Cooper leaves her small gold-mining town to seek her fortune, it’s not until she arrives in L.A. that she learns her college certificate is a fraud. The only work available is in a less-than-respectable speakeasy.

The job comes with the opportunity to take the stage with Oz Dean, the club’s captivating bandleader. But rivals out for her blood along with her place in the spotlight lurk behind the curtain.

Oz Dean has the rare ability to “see” music as brilliant colors, but nothing has ever dazzled him like Carrie’s pure, choirgirl voice. With a mob debt hanging over his head like a guillotine, he organizes a revue that will launch them all to stardom. Unfortunately, his bold move attracts exactly the kind of criminal attention he’d like to avoid.

Mired in Hollywood’s underbelly, caught off-guard by their growing attraction, Carrie and Oz are forced to consider the cost of success. Or their one chance to make beautiful music together could be their last.

Warning: Romance with the flare of jazz and a touch of suspense. Wise guys, jealous dames, a wide-eyed ingénue, and fancy moves—and we’re not talking about the dance floor. May require a little morning-after hair of the dog.

Title: Notes Of Temptation
Author: Rebecca Halsey
Series: Hollywood Jazz #1
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 02/16/2016
Genres: Historical Mystery, New Adult, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 275
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-flame
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Let me show my colors right away: I am not a fan of virgin characters at all.  Usually, the girls are way too naive and it is easily transformed into a moralistic story and leaving little room for characters development.  You can imagine my reaction when I realized that the main character is a virgin and that I am reading a new adult book. I was not quite sure what to think about it. That being said, I was in for a great surprise. Those elements are not hurting this story. In fact, I understand why the author chose to go down that road and it would not change a thing.

I really love everything about the 1920’s, it is a time period that I find fascinating.  A lot of things were coming to fruition, and to my delight,   this story is set in the 1920’s Hollywood (when movies and actors were just starting to emerge).  It is also an era when prohibition was full on and to have a drink you needed to be creative (or rich|).  Rebecca Hasley managed  to bring those 20’s vibes alive and I am very happy about it!!  I hopped into a time machine and let the story drove me straight into the 20’s!

Carrie is leaving a small Arizona miner village to go to LA.  She is dreaming of becoming a secretary.  Yes, you read it correctly, a secretary!! She left her mama behind and arrived in LA with very little money and without knowing a single soul.  She might be a virgin but she has a strong will and come across as brave and rational.  With her small town attitude, she is appreciated by a ton of people. She has that loving energy that is shining through.  That’s how she was able to meet a lot of wonderful characters and begin to call LA home.

OZ is quite an interesting character, he may still be young, but he has an old soul.  We can see that he had more than his share of hurtful things happening is his life, but he is strong will and love life and has a passion for music.   He also has a gift he can see auras attached to sounds. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand certain of his behaviors, but he is still  a gentleman.  It is toward the end of the book that he is showing the most of his strength and his willingness to go all in.  He has that sweetness about him that earn him a soft spot in my heart.

I love the story pace, it is perfect. There is a lot of action, mystery, a touch of spirituality and a musical love that is transcending those pages.  It can’t go bad when a story has venues with live musician and singers. Just add to that a little drama and it is a perfect recipe for entertainment.  I can’t find a single thing that I would be changing in the story.  It was very well done!  Some scenes had my imagination running wild like the scene between Minnie and Carrie in the dressing room and the trip to Santa Monica beach.  My highlight is the scene of Carrie and OZ visiting a pawn shot together, it was just breathtaking to see Carrie acting this way. The end was well done and even though some questions are still up in the air, it is just enough to have me excited for a second book.  I must day that there is very little love scene and nothing steamy at all, I actually don’t mind, but I could have used more passion in it.

Strong characters such as the wonderful free spirited Ruby, Ellison the talented musician, the annoying Minnie, Maeva and Carrie’s mama are making this story even more enjoyable.

I want to read the second book now. Please!!!! No need to say that I recommend it!



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