Review: Nothing Like Love by Abigail Strom

February 16, 2016 Review 0

Review: Nothing Like Love by Abigail Strom

Simone Oliver prides herself on being a realist and a cynic. A brilliant set designer for a Manhattan theater company, she thrives in the background and is perfectly comfortable in jeans, Chuck Taylors, and a paint-smeared T-shirt. That is, until Zach Hammond, the award-winning (and sexy-as-hell) British director, turns the spotlight on her. He’s clearly captivated by her and won’t take no for an answer—but Simone is determined to maintain her position that love’s not worth the risk.

A hopeless romantic who can quote Shakespeare on a whim, Zach has spent his life center stage, surrounded by world-famous actors and royalty. But nothing he’s seen can compare to what Simone can create. Before long, he finds himself as mesmerized by her brash beauty as he is by her work, and he’s determined to seduce her stubborn heart.

But while the two may have been successful at relegating romance to the wings in New York, when their production moves to a centuries-old Irish castle in County Clare, there may be just enough magic to give true love the curtain call it deserves.

Title: Nothing Like Love
Author: Abigail Strom
Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: February 16th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 210 pages
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-flames
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Nothing Like Love is a story about two people who have opposite feelings about love and how they can mesh the two into something both can relate to. This is my first book by Abigail Strom. The writing was good and I felt what the author was trying to convey, unfortunately it just turned into an ok read for me.

Zach is a former actor turned theater director and is rather successful. He’s agreed to direct a play in New York City. Simone is a costume and set designer working on the same production. When Zach meets Simone, he’s smitten. Both are theater geeks, but have very different views on love.

Zach is all about romance-over the top romance! He loves romantic dinners, strolls on the beach, and loves the details in setting up every aspect of a date. Simone on the other hand, doesn’t believe in love at first site, white knights and prince charming, or any of that lovey-dovey type stuff! She puts an expiration on relationships and prefers to live for today. Zach is wildly attracted to her take-it or leave-it attitude and definitely wants more than an expiration date. Convincing Simone that it could work is the kicker.

I had a rather hard time getting into this book. It became all to easy to get distracted and set down. Simone’s outlook to life is just dreadful. Very sad and full of sorrow, she was such a downer! Whenever there were nice, romantic gestures done by Zach, she just twisted it all around. She was so negative I did want to be around her. She never took the initiative to deal with her losses-just shoved everything under the rug so to speak, and kept it hidden deep. Zach was an energizer bunny trying to show her how things could be. He kept right on going! A lot of guys would not have gone through all that effort!

All in all, I did not care for Simone and the slow pace of the book. I wished there was something that would’ve made me want to get back and read it-sadly that never happened. When the book was ending-it seemed quickly tied up with a big bow that was rather rushed. I was also bummed there was no epilogue for follow-up.


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