Review: Obsession (Bayfront Billionaires #4) by Calista Fox

June 5, 2017 Review 0

Review: Obsession (Bayfront Billionaires #4)  by Calista Fox

100 Shades of Sin...

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

When Roxy Shea arrived in Bayfront, she had no idea she would instantly attract the attention of two of the town’s sexiest and most eligible bachelors. She doesn’t want anything to do with them—with a dangerous past in her rearview mirror, a new relationship would be disastrous. But with every smoldering gaze and unspoken promise of pleasure, these billionaire bad boys are determined to make her theirs, to claim her body and soul.

Nick Faulkner and Hunter Valens are forces in their respective entertainment industries, but a past conflict has put a strain on their lifelong friendship—and vying for the mysterious Roxy’s affection doesn’t help matters. Until their craving for her leads to an explosive night with for threesome. But can they show Roxy that she can trust the men responsible for the sizzling pleasure she finds with them—and that their love is soul-deep?

Title: Obsession
Author: Calista Fox
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Series: Bayfront Billionaires #4
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Published by St Martin's
Source: Publisher
Published: June 6th 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Menage
Pages: 110 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

Roxy Shea is an aspiring artist on the run from an abusive ex. She finds home in Bayfront. A beautiful place that calls to her with the ocean seascapes she features in her canvas prints. Most of the people living in Bayfront are of the affluent variety and the men seem to be very attractive to boot! Two said men in question are Nick and Hunter.  She meets both after them bidding on a paint party she donated for a women’s shelter fundraiser. The men were instantly taken with her and she to them.

Bayfront is special in that it caters to an alternative lifestyle of threesomes. They are common place here and after a couple of conversations, Roxy is intrigued with the idea.  She never entertained it previously, but with her closest friends being involved in that lifestyle, her below the radar existence is about to get complicated.

Both Hunter and Nick have had their share of bad times. When they notice Roxy, their attraction is nothing they have felt before. They have never shared a woman previously, but both seem to be open to it with Roxy. She turns out to be a lifeline to sanity they were missing.

Obsession is book four in the Bayfront Billionaires series that features threesomes.  I really liked all three main characters. Roxy is scared and running from an ex. She is a strong girl having got herself away from the toxic situation she was in. Nick had a tragedy hit him that would rival horror flicks.  Hunter, being Nick’s best friend, stayed strong for Nick for as long as he could before he felt himself being dragged down by Nick’s grief, and had to get away for awhile. They all end up in Bayfront with the same circle of friends. Who wouldn’t go after two gorgeous men who want her to be the center of their solar system?? I don’t think I would!

I had a couple of things though, that just didn’t sit right. They were all very quick to jump into a threesome scenario. I understand one night wasn’t enough for any of them, but it felt a little too rushed. Maybe a few more dates and spending time together, to cement it for me, would’ve helped.  The scene with the ex-I was expecting to be gangbusters, but it was very anti-climatic.  Roxy never discussed what was done to her by him or his associates-we only know she was abused. I wanted to hear her tell the men her story as they both told her theirs. I think an epilogue with her moving in and her wanting to tell them everything, would’ve shown her trust in them. Especially if they were taking their romance to the next level, secrets can be harmful. The sexy scenes were spicy and I loved them! Give me more!!!

All in all, Calista Fox gave us a ménage story that’s great to read this summer at the beach! Quick and spicy! A cool drink needed here, my friends!! I’m also really looking forward to the next book in the series Addiction!



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