Review: Off Limits (Aces Hockey #1.5) by Kelly Jamieson

November 13, 2015 Review 0

Review: Off Limits  (Aces Hockey #1.5) by Kelly Jamieson

Perfect for fans of Sawyer Bennett and Toni Aleo, Kelly Jamieson’s charming holiday novella kicks off a brand-new series featuring the hunky hockey stars of the Chicago Aces.

The Christmas season always puts a smile on Jenna McFadden’s face. Even though she’s bringing a boyfriend home for the first time, inside she’s dying to see Andrew. Years ago, when the McFaddens took the troubled teen into their home, Jenna had to keep her blazing-hot crush a secret. And now that he’s playing pro hockey for the NHL’s Chicago Aces, nothing’s changed. With his wide shoulders and taut muscles, Andrew’s the most tempting package in the house . . . one that Jenna’s dying to unwrap.

Andrew Ross just can’t make a play for Jenna. Her dad and brothers wouldn’t approve, and he could never betray the trust of the wonderful people who treated him like family when he lost his own. That’s what makes the holidays so hard. Whether Jenna’s skating with Andrew on a frozen pond or sitting on his lap while he plays Santa, she’s pushing all their boundaries—and there’s only so much a man can take. Andrew knows that she’s off-limits. But something deep down tells him that Jenna’s heart is the one prize he simply has to win.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Title: Off Limits
Author: Kelly Jamieson
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Series: Aces Hockey #1.5
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Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: November 17th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance, Sports Theme
Pages: 158 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
Off Limits is book two in the Aces Hockey series by Kelly Jamieson.  I definitely liked this book a ton more than book one!  This is a friends to lovers romance but with the brothers best friend.  I love this theme and I really enjoyed reading this one! Andrew and Jenna were very personable and I felt sorry for their problem. Andrew moved in with Jenna’s family when his own family tragedies left him alone.  They gave him somewhere to live and call home.  They gave him the sense of family and supported him. So when Jenna’s dad said Jenna was off limits to him, he’s taken it to heart!  No way was he going to give the family that took him in any problems!
Fast forward.  Jenna is all grown up and out of college working.  Andrew is a star of a NHL Hockey team called the Chicago Aces. When the whole family assembles at Christmas, there’s all types of feelings zipping around.  Jenna brings a man home for the first time and it’s everybody’s undoing.  Her brothers’ don’t care for him and neither does Andrew.  After a lot of dancing around feelings, the tension is palatable. Everyone goes their respective ways.  But Andrew can’t thinking about Jenna.  He’s got a lot to decide.  He knows he wants Jenna with him. Can he find a way to make it work with Jenna and her family??
The connection between Andrew and Jenna sizzles!  I felt all giddy for them and wanted them to just talk it out.  But alas, they don’t do that, so they go on for years trying to figure out each other. I understand Andrew’s reluctance to go farther with Jenna.  If it didn’t work out, he would be giving up his only family-the one that makes him feel safe and secure. I really liked how Kelly Jamieson let us have glimpses into both characters.  By alternating chapters, we get a well rounded idea of how each thought and their insecurities.  Jenna was strong and I admire her for trying to be brave when she felt so vulnerable.  Ultimately love is the overriding factor and neither wants to live without the other.  I loved it!  This book was fun and flirty with just the right amount of angst and spiciness!  We also meet more of the team and their significant others.  I look forward to continuing the series!
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