Review: Off the Rails (Make Me Over #1) by Isabelle Drake

October 27, 2015 Review 0

Review: Off the Rails (Make Me Over #1) by Isabelle Drake

High school reunion—three words that threaten to derail Madison’s life. Now she has only eight weeks to find the perfect guy, the perfect job, or a way to pretend she has the perfect life.

Madison is less than thrilled when the invitation to her five year high school reunion arrives. When she refuses to RSVP with a yes, her best friend Tia reminds her of a pact they’d made—they’d use the reunion to show up everyone from school. But Madison can’t show up anyone. She isn’t the super famous superstar she’d bragged that she’d be. She’s an unemployed singer with no boyfriend and no job. Her only option? Find a way to fake the perfect life.

Eights week isn’t much time. But it is long enough to get drunk and enter a bikini contest, redefine the term date-from-hell, get caught in an awkward ménage and win a bar fight. But will all this bad behaviour help Madison snag the blond, blue-eyed geek who was foolish enough not to notice her in high school? No matter what it takes, she’s going to find out.

Title: Off the Rails
Author: Isabelle Drake
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Series: Make Me Over #1
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: October 27, 2015
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 116
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Stars: two-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

Madison is having a moment and not a good one. Currently unemployed, trying to find a job and a singing gig are not going well. To top it all she gets an envelope in the mail with the three most dreaded words any could want to hear – high school reunion. She doesn’t want to go but she swore to her best friend, Tia, she would. Determined to not look like a loser, she has eight weeks to discover the perfect life…or at least look like she has one.

So I have mixed feelings this book, Off the Rails. First off, it has some good laugh-out-loud moments and I do like a story that can make me laugh. Not quite sure if it was the unexpected (and very awkward!), ménage she found herself in, the dead guy in the car or the bar fight but all three we pretty darn funny! Then there’s all the characters that float around add to the mayhem, Tia but the front row and center comedic sidekick to Madison. Think Lucy and Ethel if you want to know what kind of trouble they find themselves in.

So far, all that was on the plus side. The minus was, well…the sex. Or, more specifically the sex scenes and how they came about. Some were okay but there were a few that were just too downright cheesy for me. Seriously, I was expecting 70’s porn music to start playing in the background during one of them. Now I know this is an erotic romance, and the story premise was really sound and very enjoyable as far as I’m concerned. I, unfortunately, felt this story that had great potential was held back by some of Madison’s and Tia’s sexual conquests. A good read for anyone who enjoys a quickie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It just wasn’t for me.


Off the Rails
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