Review: Our Omega (Great Lakes Wolves #2) by J.J. Black

June 18, 2014 Review 0

Review: Our Omega (Great Lakes Wolves #2) by J.J. Black

Sometimes two just isn’t enough.

Noah Steele is a broken man. Born a strong, confident Alpha, he’s now a shell of the man he once was. Tortured and betrayed, he no longer trusts his instincts or his ability to lead. Shamed, he hides himself away, even from the mate he longs to claim as his own.

Dax Marshall needs some down time. Between protecting the Pack in his role as Beta and leading teams to search for more of Alpha Steele’s facilities, his responsibilities are starting to overwhelm him. If only he could find the one person destined to soothe both himself and his wolf. A chance run-in with Noah Steele changes everything, giving him hope that his future won’t be as lonely as he’d feared.

Between dominant wolves, power struggles are always an issue. Time and patience will be needed to make their mating work. Unfortunately, time is in short supply. New information has Dax, Noah and a team following a lead. Instinct and a bit of luck lead them to a facility and much more. Among the prisoners, they find an abused young man who calls to them both in a way that neither of them understands.

While they scramble to adjust to fate’s curveball, more information comes to light showing just how far Alpha Steele is willing to go in his quest to rule the Packs. Will their new happiness withstand the madman’s plans or be destroyed by the malevolence of his ambition?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of ménage, violence and reference to sexual abuse. 

Title: Our Omega
Author: J J Black
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Series: Great Lake Wolves
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: 20 June 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, Menage, Paranormal
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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Our Omega, Great Lake Wolves #2 by J.J. Black told the tale of three men, destined mates and the internal conflicts each must wade through in order to find love and a safe haven. Noah and Dax are members of Alpha Kellan’s pack, and part of the struggle to locate a scientific experimental facility hell-bent on destroying shifters. On one of their missions they smell and meet their third, Omega Landon.

Landon has been tortured and abused for much of his young life, an omega, he holds powers still not fully understood.

Ms. Black delivered an evolution of acceptance and love. Many times in a shifter book, fated mates go from zero to sixty with little to no substance. Not in Our Omega. The relationship took its time and allowed for a meaningful union, giving way to a lovely story and not a sexual frenzy.

Noah and Dax, strong men were also portrayed as caring and tender- a trait which endeared me. I love a man that is open to feeling and emotions and can show love. The two men adored Landon and their ability to care for the young man was apparent in Ms. Black’s portrayal.

A resurgence of past characters and the further development of others lend itself to future books in the series. And ones that I definitely look forward too.



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