Review: On the Brink (In the Zone 0) by Kate Willoughby

June 28, 2016 Review 0

Review: On the Brink (In the Zone 0) by Kate Willoughby

Due to popular demand, Kate Willoughby brings you Hart Griffin and Jeremy Fenton's origin story. Find out how these two met and fell in love...

Holtzer University junior Hart Griffin won't let anything interfere with his future as a professional hockey player. No way, no how. He's the star forward of his college team and a first round NHL draft pick.

One hot night with a male super fan calls into question everything Hart thought he knew about his sexuality and launches him on a soul-searching journey in which nothing is as it seems and his entire world is turned upside down.

Title: On the Brink
Author: Kate Willoughby
Series: In the Zone
Source: Author
Published: June 28, 2017
Genres: Male Male Romance, New Adult, Sports Theme
Pages: 95
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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*Warning a Jeep was vandalized in the creation of this novella*

So there is this In the Zone series that has a secondary gay couple that is so popular that fans demanded they have their own story. That was enough to have piqued my interest. I have not read any of the other In the Zone books. I may because I’d like to know what happens in them in regards to Jeremy and Hart that fans wanted their tale told. The decisions that these two men made when they got together will have an impact on their lives in the present. On the Brink takes place in two thousand and three when both young men are away at college in Michigan.

One of those men, Hart believes himself to be straight. He can’t be gay. He dates girls that don’t interest him. He’s a top draft pick for the NHL. Hockey is Hart’s life and there is apparently no room for a gay man in that locker room. Hart is not gay. All it takes is one hell of an intense encounter with Jeremy and he begins to have some little doubts.

A favorite pastime of Jeremy’s is watching the Holtzer University hockey team on the ice. He’s so into the sport he even drags his friends along with him so that they can experience the excitement too. He sits as close as possible to the ice. He wants to see, hear, and feel each play. His mild obsession with the team captain is just an added bonus. All of that changes one night after a game where Hart Griffin becomes Jeremy’s very own knight in shiny pickup truck.

Jeremy and Hart make a sweet couple. I can easily see why fans of this series would want to know how they became a couple. I’ve been on a mm romance binge lately. I may have to continue reading the other Kate Willoughby In the Zone books. On the Brink wraps up nicely but this book exists due to events in the other books. I’m a bit curious as to how Hart and Jeremy’s relationship is going at least ten years into the future.

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