Review: An Opportunity Seized (Haven Security #1) by Donna Gallagher

February 16, 2015 Review 0

Review:  An Opportunity Seized (Haven Security #1) by Donna Gallagher

Two unforeseen moments in time— One brings them together, the other is a danger so real it could tear them apart.

Antoinette ‘Toni’ Grimaldi prefers to keep out of the spotlight, blend in with the crowd and experience life the same as the bulk of the population. Being a mining magnate’s daughter is a difficult persona for her to uphold. She just doesn’t fit in with high society standards, always managing to say something inappropriate or trip over her own feet at the worst possible moment, resulting in that look of disappointment and embarrassment her parents inevitably wear whenever she’s around.
Meeting a handsome stranger who comes to her rescue and asks her out on a date is so much more than Toni could have ever hoped for on her dream holiday—one she is surprised her parents have even permitted her to take alone. Her fairy-tale moment is short-lived, though, when Toni discovers the stranger has been hired by her family to follow her every move—under the guise of keeping her safe.

Jason finds he is drawn to Antoinette. She is nothing at all like the socialite he was expecting to shadow around London’s nightclubs. After an awkward first meeting, he convinces Toni that there is more to his interest in her than just as her bodyguard. To his surprise, his attraction for the soft-spoken, thoughtful woman grows, despite his usual reluctance to commit to any kind of relationship.

Then a disaster at one of the family-owned mines and a string of death threats force Toni to return home, and her need for a bodyguard becomes a life and death reality.

Title: An Opportunity Seized
Author: Donna Gallagher
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Series: Haven Security #1
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: February 13, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 120
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
Bailey Bradford

This wasn’t a bad little read.  There is the insecure, poor-little-rich-girl that just wants to lead her own life and the ex-military security guard who doesn’t do relationships.  There was a nice buildup of situation and characters.  I liked the first half of the book.

The angst Jason goes through when he tells Toni who and what he is, was real and heartfelt.  Toni saw it too.  She forgave him.  I enjoyed their romp through England sightseeing.  I enjoyed their evolving relationship.  It was sweet.

Then the real world intruded.  I wouldn’t have minded the direction that took except . . . when they got back home it was like all the character development got thrown out the window.  Jason, the former special ops security guy is sleeping through things.  No!  Okay so he fell in love.  I would think that would make him more alert, not less.  Where were the overbearing parents the caused Toni’s insecurities?  Just because Toni found a backbone while on vacation doesn’t mean her parents are suddenly caring and affectionate.  This overnight change in personalities was rather jarring.  It didn’t work for me.

Although it went against the original character development, I did like how Toni grew and found her niche in her parent’s world, not to mention, learning to like herself.  It helped me get to the end of the book.

The ending was satisfactory.  I am not sure I agree with it and I definitely don’t see how they are going to work everything out, but well, they do seem happy so who am I to say otherwise.

The lovers of Harlequin type contemporary romance, with just a bit of spice, will probably enjoy this.  It is sweet and has the hea.

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