Review: Oral Delights, Click Me # 2 by Olivia Starke

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Review: Oral Delights, Click Me # 2 by Olivia Starke

Book 2 of the Click Me series.

Miranda is caught up in the tedium of unpacking when she stumbles upon a Peeping Tom's dream-her gorgeous neighbor, Cassie, sunbathing next door. When Cassie puts on an erotic show for Miranda's ravenous eyes, Miranda is ready to try anything to quell her desire-including a love spell she found in her email. Cassie has developed quite the crush on her new neighbor and decides to pay her a visit with a box of goodies from her garden. Sparks fly and soon the two women find themselves in very compromising positions-perfect for pleasure. With a little magic leading the way, lustful times are bound to follow.

Inside Scoop: This love spell leads to these two ladies finding delight in voyeurism, public displays of affection, spanking, oral fixations and a rather unconventional way of getting a serving of vegetables. 

An Exotika(r) female/female erotica story from Ellora's Cave

Title: Oral Delights
Author: Olivia Starke
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Source: Publisher
Published: 28 March 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 34
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

The perfect story for someone looking for something different from the F/F range of erotica, Starke’s click me series will fit the bill perfectly.  Just 34 pages, this little novella is packed with steamy sex, food play and even some public displays as the two women expand their repertoire.

Miranda has just left the comfort of her LBGT city neighborhood to move to the suburbs. The quaint two story house is just what a woman who turned forty should want, but the remove from the city and her possible dating pool, not to mention the piles of unmarked boxes yet to be unpacked have left her frustrated, tired and edgy.  When opening yet another box of kitchen paraphernalia in her second floor office became too much – she catches sight of her neighbor, sunbathing topless.

Cassie is tanned, toned and gorgeous: knowing that her neighbors were out allowed her some fun tanning time, and the idea of a potential new playmate for this young bisexual personal trainer had her fantasies set to high gear.  Unbeknownst to her, her new neighbor is watching the trail of oil and fingers, wishing she was in the oil’s place.

Miranda is tired of unpacking, tired of being alone, and really in need of a cold shower when she decides to take a break and check her email.  A spam message titled Click Me, from the sender SEXMAGIC is the next to hit the trash bin, until a huge electric shock hits her and the page opens to a love spell.  Thinking that it might be a good distraction, and having all of the ingredients to craft the spell – Miranda works the spell, with her mind on her own arousal and the tasty morsel next door.

When Cassie arrives with a box of home-grown veggies and a bottle of honey- the sparks between the two take flight and there is a protracted session of serious sex: down and dirty, multiple positions, utilizing honey, cucumbers, fingers and tongues: all of which will steam your eReader and leave you squirming.  When they can barely stand, but are still not satiated, they take their escapades to the theatre for a matinee showing, and continue to contort and coax more pleasure from one another.  I’ve read both in this series, and they are perfect bites of that little bit of something to spice up your day.

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