Review – Origin (Glory MC #2) by Ana Jolene

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Review – Origin (Glory MC #2) by Ana Jolene

One drunken kiss ignites an inferno of burning desire. Sworn enemies, Lucky Winters and Seven Douglass struggle to forget the kiss that shouldn’t have happened. Then Lucky’s past comes back to bite him and he suddenly disappears for months, leaving Seven wondering where they both stand.

When Lucky returns, he is a changed man and his prolonged absence means he must once again prove himself to the club he’s sworn his life to. Except Lucky can’t seem to shake off the recent events as much as he wants to.

Seven is no stranger to this feeling. Her own mysterious past threatens to disrupt her future and when neither of them are able to stop the ghosts of their pasts from resurfacing, the only person they can turn to is each other. Suddenly, hatred morphs into love. And where there is fire and ice, there’s bound to be some steam . . .

Title: Origin
Author: Ana Jolene
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Series: Glory MC #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Glory, Nirvana
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: March 14th 2017
Genres: Dystopain, Motorcycle Theme, Romance
Pages: 346
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Origin is an interesting story of a woman who’s known unspeakable hardship and a man with his own demons.  Jolene creates a bleak world where work is hard to come by, there is no government to provide order and basic survival is difficult every single day.

After meeting Seven and Lucky in book one, I was anxious to learn their stories.  Seven was obviously searching for something when she begged her roommate, Indy to bring her to the bar she’s working at that serves as the club house for the Glory MC.  It’s obvious she not just another biker groupie but she quickly ingratiates herself with the club and becomes part of the family.  Lucky seems to be the only man there who can’t stand Seven even after a life-altering kiss after which he disappears without a word.

Even upon his return the two, now roommates, are at each other’s throats.  Even with the memory of the sexual heat they bicker and it takes a while for them  to realize they actually like one another.

Nothing is easy in their lives.  Seven is in danger from at least one unknown stalker and Lucky is dealing with family and club issues.  All of which make for not only a touching romance but an exciting suspense story.

Without the misogynistic underpinnings of modern motorcycle clubs, the men of Glory are even more attractive in their tough, sexy ways.  Life is so rough in the Wards, that Lucky and Seven are blessed to get a “as happy as possible” instead of a “happily ever after” which is far more realistic in even modern times.

Origin and the Glory MC series are intriguing, complex, fast-paced, and compelling.

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