Review: Our Secret (Redwood Shifters #3) by Lily Harlem

September 5, 2017 Review 0

Review: Our Secret (Redwood Shifters #3) by Lily Harlem

Even when love is forbidden, it can’t be denied.

Davey is a loner and that suits him. His own company, whether in his dog body or human form, is his comfort zone. He’s never happier than when roaming his forest territory.

Until one day he finds himself trapped, injured and at the mercy of a huge mountain lion. There’s no way out—he’ll have to face what’s coming, jaws, claws and all.

But the big cat isn’t all he seems and before Davey knows what’s happening the very real mating instinct has bitten him hard. But feline and canines are sworn enemies—they can’t be together. Or can they? Will the new lovers ever be able to reveal their secret to the Redwood Pack, or is it just too dangerous? Can their love conquer all?

Title: Our Secret
Author: Lily Harlem
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Series: Redwood Shifters #3
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: September 5th 2017
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 66 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Our Secret is a very delicious read! Just the right amount of sexiness and story that grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go! Davey is a wolf shifter and a loner within the pack.  He enjoys the seclusion that the forest brings.  On one of his runs, he encounters a trap and is hurt.  Faced with a grim situation, it gets worse when a mountain lion approaches.

Lawson is a mountain lion shifter who enjoys seclusion as well.  When he happens upon a wolf caught in a trap, he only wants to set him free. He shifts into a man and then sets Davey free.  What he wasn’t prepared for is the feelings evoked when the wolf looks into his eyes.  He’s trapped too!

Davey realizes this shifter is in fact his mate. That’s all good, but we have some big problems to face. Dogs and cats aren’t supposed to get along-yet alone be fated mates! He knows he can’t stay away from his mate though and he’s scared. What will the pack do??


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