Review: Pack Rogue (Were Chronicles #4) by Crissy Smith

April 4, 2017 Review 0

Review: Pack Rogue (Were Chronicles #4) by Crissy Smith

The Rogue meets the Alpha…and their worlds explode.

Kiley Palmer doesn’t have a pack, doesn’t want a pack and has convinced herself she doesn’t need a pack. She has her reasons for being Rogue and staying away from Alpha men. When news gets out that the shifter world is planning to become public, threats and danger pull her back into the territory where her greatest nightmares came true. There’s a new Alpha and his best friend is someone who Kiley thought she’d never see again.

Austin Winters is visiting his best friend’s territory while meeting with representatives of the Alpha Council about plans to announce shifters to the world. When the woman who he’d had a one-night stand with several months ago walks in, Austin is shocked and excited. He’d felt the connection between him and Kiley, but after she’d disappeared, he’d almost given up hope of ever finding her.

With danger around every corner, past traumas and a growing pack, the cards are stacked against the Rogue and the Alpha. But with a connection as deep as theirs, Austin and Kiley might be what the shifters need for the upcoming battle.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released by Totally Bound Publishing. It has been re-edited and substantially expanded for re-release. This book is part of a series and best read in sequence.

Title: Pack Rogue
Author: Crissy Smith
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Series: Were Chronicles #4
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Pack Daughter, Pack Hunter , Pack Territory , Pack Alpha
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 4, 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 192
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I knew eventually it would happen. I finally read a book by Crissy Smith that didn’t completely wow me. I’m not saying Pack Rogue was bad. It had its good points. It just had some other not too great moments that left me with a meh feeling. Now in case you are curious, I read the re-edited version so it’s supposed to be longer and better fleshed out. Ummm….

Let’s start with Kiley. She is a rogue from the former local pack. The previous Alpha was abusive to her, kept her chained up in a basement, and she suffered terribly. Why? Not quite sure other than the previous Alpha was a piece of work but why her wasn’t clearly explained. Now she lives nearby, interacts with the current pack, but refuses to join. Next is Austin, a best friend to the Alpha of the pack Kiley hangs with. He comes out for a visit, spots Kiley, remembers her as the one-night stand that got away. He’s been harboring feelings for her all this time and now that he’s found her, he’s not letting go. Running in the background of their story, actually, the whole series so far, is shifters finally deciding to come out to humans to show they exist.

I was left with a lot of questions and no answers to go with them. Why was Kiley singled out and locked in the basement? Did she honestly believe she could interact with a pack and not somehow be connected to them? How did she get into her line of work? I know some of these are just fluff for the story but not knowing made it feel incomplete. Austin’s portion of the story worked out well (despite the whole she left me one-night stand business) and helped balance out the incompleteness I felt. The whole Prince of the felines aspect I found interesting and then….The End.

Huh? What? Everything ended so abruptly. I mean I’m guessing Kiley and Austin got their HEA, however, the book ended so suddenly it was hard to tell. Again, I am left with more questions that I’m assuming will be answered in the future. As cliffhangers go, it wasn’t a great one. Yes, I can see it is set up for the series line to continue but as for Kiley and Austin ending, shrugging shoulders here.



Pack Rogue
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