Review: Patient Z by Becky Black

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Review: Patient Z by Becky Black

Two years ago the zombie apocalypse wiped out the world police officer Mitch Kennedy had a role in. But he’s found a way to continue doing his duty, serving as guardian of a small community of survivors, living in the safest place they can find. When the group takes in Cal Richardson Mitch can’t help but be attracted to the first available—and incidentally, gorgeous—man to cross his path in months.

Mitch and Cal can’t resist each other physically, but each man tries to hold back his emotions. Though he’s strong on the outside, Mitch is too badly hurt inside to risk more pain. Cal’s very sure he won’t stay for long. He’s been a drifter all his life and it came naturally to him to survive alone after civilization fell. He’s sure this is a temporary stopover for him. He has no intention of becoming emotionally involved with a cop who is certain to despise Cal when he learns the truth about him.

The longer Cal stays the stronger his urge to run, but the harder it becomes to give up the safety of the community and his new friends. The harder it becomes to give up Mitch.

Title: Patient Z
Author: Becky Black
Published by Loose ID
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: July 23, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance, Zombie Apocalypse
Pages: 240
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

I love some zombie apocalypse in my reads. I also enjoy plausible situations mixed with the impossibility of a zombie apocalypse. Patient Z delivers on this in all ways possible with a sexy side of male male romance. Mitch and Cal are enjoyable to read as a couple. The secondary characters (the harem) are an added bonus.

Mitch, a cop in both his pre-apocalypse and post-apocalypse life is trying to keep his haven safe from zombies, bandits, and anyone seeking to take advantage of the inhabitants of the haven that he has helped build and maintain. He also tries to carry all of the burdens while lessening the load of the people he shares this space with.

The newest, quite possibly temporary member of this sanctuary Cal is more than happy keeping his time there limited. He’s a drifter. He has found that the post-apocalyptic world is best survived alone. His hine with the solitude. He’s just hoping that he can get some sexxing with the hot cop before he leaves. Cal keeps life simple. Survive, sex, don’t get bitten. The problem is that one taste of Mitch just isn’t enough for him and all things he thought were good are even better with Mitch close by.

Becky Black has given readers a large group of very likeable characters. She has added two very sexy heroes with personal obstacles that they must overcome before than can even see a happily ever after in their future. This makes for a great romantic read. The situations she throws them in with the zombies and the raiders make for some nail biting drama. Great read! Go grab it if male male romance zombie apocalypse is your thing.

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