Review: Person of Interest (A Celeste Eagan Mystery #1) by Emery Harper

August 26, 2016 Review 0

Review: Person of Interest (A Celeste Eagan Mystery #1) by Emery Harper

Just last week, I was a regular single mom and drama teacher at Peytonville Prep with a semi-normal life. The only real drama I had to deal with involved my football-coach ex and his hussy girlfriend. And maybe deciding if I should take that full-time principal/actress job at the local playhouse.

Everything changed when I discovered my boss hanging in his office. The suicide turned out to be a murder and my ex went suspiciously MIA. I tried to find some answers, but all that got me was labeled a person of interest by the attractively uptight Detective Shaw Muldoon. Not exactly the way I was hoping to interest him, if you know what I mean.

Now my life is plenty exciting, if you count a stint in jail, several attempted break-ins, more dead bodies and the odd exploding car. Did I mention I also have my own personal stalker? It's becoming pretty clear that if I don't unmask the killer soon, my life won't ever be boring again…it will be over.

Title: Person of Interest
Author: Emery Harper
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Series: A Celeste Eagan Mystery #1
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Published by Carina Press
Source: Author
Published: August 29, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 218
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I am not normally a mystery reader. I prefer stories that have fur or fangs. Still, occasionally I will wander out of my comfort zone if a book catches my attention. At the time Person of Interest came to my attention, there was no cover. I had to base my ‘will I/won’t I’ solely off the blurb. So let’s see, single mom who is a teacher, ex-hubs (teacher) is with a hussy (probably also a teacher), finds her boss dead (interest is perked), attractive uptight Detective (definitely interested), jail, dead bodies, stalker – SOLD! Count me in.


In case you didn’t know, this is author Emery Harper debut book and IMO I feel she did a stellar job. For starters, kudos on the blurb! I know authors HATE writing blurbs, but it was definitely a great one since she lured me, a non-mystery reader, into actually wanting to read it (Remember…no cover at the time). Second of all, the story itself. Once I started reading, frankly I couldn’t put it down. I giggled and snorted the whole way through. Told from first person POV, we get to experience Celeste’s witty, sometimes sarcastic, charm. Oh who am I kidding, she’s great, the perfect heroine who had a way of turning up at the wrong place at the right time. All those little trips to jail, stumbling across dead bodies, eventually becoming a pariah until the whodunit comes to light, as I said before, giggles and snorts the whole way.


Now what would be a good story without a good supporting cast! Let’s start with her bestie, Levi. Very best friend, very gay – very best gay friend. Thankfully, he’s not stereotyped into the gay best friend category. Paige, her too smart for words daughter. Again, not stereo-typical. The ex-husband Colin and the hussy, umm, I mean Naomi. Honestly, I had my suspicions about him and was expecting the whole story to play out differently because of those suspicions – to find out how wrong I was. I, of course, saved the best for last. Detective Shaw Muldoon. Honestly, I was a little surprised he was the romantic interest in the story. So straight-faced, so uptight, and then I switched over to thinking so sexy! He’s not one of those over-the-top macho cops. His strength is one of those that slowly grows on you, and then the next thing you know, you can’t live without him.


So there you have. Great read, lots of action and intrigue, and loads of laughs to keep it all moving at a fast pace. Not bad for a first book! Author Emery Harper is definitely an author to watch. I’ll be recommending her and Person of Interest to my book junkie friends.



Person of Interest
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