Review: Phantom Mischief (Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Jennifer LaRose

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Review: Phantom Mischief (Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Jennifer LaRose

Shanna is thrilled when her fiancé sweeps her off to Ireland for a romantic interlude and asks her to marry him at Castle Tullamore. But their sexual adventure quickly turns into a nightmare when he reveals his dark side. With the engagement broken and her fiancé gone, she crumples into the arms of Tullamore’s handsome gardener, Niall. He proves how hot, sensual and mind-blowing sex can be. It’s unsettling, though, how he manages to distance himself after making love. In fact, he downright disappears!

Niall mourns the death of his beloved Abigail until he sees Shanna. He falls in love with the gorgeous American but fears his heart will surely be broken again. They can’t stay together, not in the manner Shanna needs. But when a determined, dark apparition begins stalking her, Niall realizes it may be the key to their destiny.

Title: Phantom Mischief
Author: Jennifer LaRose
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Series: Emerald Isle Fantasies
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: July 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 158
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

A new-to-me author, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I picked this book up.  But having read it in one sitting, I can honestly say that it was a fantastic read!  Swept away to Ireland by the man she loves, the stunning Shanna is living in the midst of a beautiful romantic fairy tale.  While visiting a castle, Shanna’s life becomes seemingly perfect when she’s asked for her hand in marriage.  After the engagement, however, the man she thought she knew reveals his dark side, leaving Shanna heart broken and alone.  Lost in grief, she falls in to the arms of the castle’s gardener, Niall.    Handsome and mysterious, Niall treats Shanna to some incredibly steamy and erotic encounters, all the while trying to mend his own broken heart.

The story of Shanna and Niall is romantic, moving and unbelievably hot!  Their chemistry is wonderful which makes their sexual encounters all the more intense, and the wit that’s intertwined with the eroticism makes the story fun.  It’s got a great pace, keeping you engaged and interested in what is going on, and the setting definitely adds a lot to the story.

If you’re looking for a steamy summer read, give this book a try!

Jennifer LaRose


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  1. Jennifer LaRose

    Hi Marie! Thank you for the great review of Phantom Mischief. I greatly appreciate the time and attention you’ve given to my novel. I’m glad you enjoyed Shanna and Niall’s story.
    My best!
    Jen LaRose