Review: Phantom Pearl (Jewel Intrigue #3) by Monica McCabe

July 17, 2017 Review 0

Review: Phantom Pearl (Jewel Intrigue #3) by Monica McCabe

Riki Maddox is not your average tomb-raiding treasure hunter. Her targets are carefully chosen to wound her father's killers, the Japanese Yakuza. To thwart their quest to recapture World War II loot initially stolen by Japanese forces, she puts herself in constant danger--and in the sights of a man as driven and as daring as she is.

Homeland Security Special Agent Dallas Landry is a rare breed: an academic with an unmatched lust for adventure. He had a perfect success rate recovering stolen art and antiquities--until he came up against an intriguing menace known as Riki Maddox. She's placed his reputation on the line, and stopping her becomes his number one priority.

Now the two will cross paths once again in Australia--on a quest for the legendary Phantom Pearl, a priceless mammoth tusk carved by 15th century monks. Barely one step ahead of the Yakuza, it's a three-way race to recover the long lost treasure. One Riki is hell-bent to win. But playing games against a federal agent like Dallas will cost more than her freedom. The chase will demand she risk her life and her thirst for revenge--but it just might offer something more to live for... 

Title: Phantom Pearl
Author: Monica McCabe
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Series: Jewel Intrigue #3
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Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: June 27th 2017
Genres: Adventure
Pages: 272 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Riki Maddox and Dallas Landry are after an ancient artifact called the Phantom Pearl.  They are both in the artifact recovery business but for different sides so they consider each other a rival. Riki had scored and the more recent finds and enjoys rubbing that in Dallas’ face. Being bested is not what Dallas wants as he is widely the butt of many jokes back at Homeland Security. He jumps at a chance to best Riki by going after the Pearl as well.  This scavenger hunt takes them to mountains of Australia. Many adversaries join the chase and we have a race to the finish!

I loved the Phantom Pearl!!  What a tumultuous ride!!  Such an exciting ride that has you reading at breakneck speed just to find out what happens!!  I was immediately hooked on the setting and the background story of Riki and Dallas. There is a lot of WWII history given which drags you in. I loved the story of the pearl itself and it was totally plausible given the rollout within the book and history presented! You always think of treasure hunting in the ocean, but I loved the backdrop of the mountains of Australia. This book dove right in and I took off running with it!  Yes, it’s a romance, but the story around it is very intriguing.  Lots of action, suspense, even some humor along the way!

I loved Riki and Dallas!  Riki is a tough girl! Trained by the best to be able to handle any situation by herself with ease! She’s true to her word and if she says you’re going down, I’d believe her!  Dallas- what a sweetheart! He’s a charmer for sure and such a romantic at heart!  I could easily see them together so the couple clicked with me. My only complaint- their quiet sexy times were left to my imagination! Boo!!  I generally don’t mind a clean read, but I seriously wanted to read what sexy Dallas was getting down to with Riki!!

The Jewel Intrigue series are all stand alone books as each treasure hunting adventure is different. Monica McCabe has put herself in my sights! Phantom Pearl is a winner and I can’t wait to read what adventure she pens next!!

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