Review: At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day

December 3, 2013 Review 0

Review: At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day

Ten years and many boyfriends later, Cassidy Winters finally returns to the ancestral home of his late grandmother, Sadie Hart, despite the best efforts of his father to prevent it. Cassidy's plans of a quiet, seaside ceremony to wish a final farewell to Sadie quickly unravel. Interruptions run roughshod, beginning with Neil, who walks out of the ocean and straight into Cassidy's bed. The dominos topple one by one when the little dog he rescues from the hounds of hell brings him to Ben, the hunky vet who rescues Cassidy right back. News of his arrival spreads faster than Cassidy's legs, bringing his boyhood friend and first love Nate Sommers to his doorstep -- leaving Cassidy spiraling into a multi-layered love snafu. As if the island wasn't getting crowded enough for Cassidy's good taste and bad decisions, best friends Ollie and Spencer arrive in time to witness the uninvited return of Cassidy's most recent ex, Teddy, who's refusing to stay dumped.

Fists fly and all hell breaks loose amid mojitos and martinis while Cassidy finds himself planning a huge party to celebrate Sadie's life. Accusations are aimed as arguments and libidos boil over, but even through the chaos Cassidy knows exactly who he wants. While he's certainly willing, he isn't sure if he's ready or able for love and life at Pipers Point.

Title: At Piper's Point
Author: Ethan Day
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: July 24, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 261
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day was a dramatic and comedic- filled tale of a man on an adventure through his life. Cass had returned to Piper’s Point with the ashes of his beloved grandmother. While there he finds himself going through his life much like a movie picture with each occurrence a slide in the slide show.

Wonderful and charismatic characters grace the pages of the story, each playing an important part in the life of Cassidy and his now deceased grandmother.

The author portrayed Cass as a man who appeared to make his way through the endless stream of men, but I believe that this portrayal was intentionally done to disguise the grief the man felt. Anguish over his sheltered and loveless childhood (sans his grandmother), sorrow over losing his first love, and most decidedly heartahce over not being there at the end of his grandmother’s life, when she needed him most.

The story came together beautifully although I didn’t think that Cass truly came to terms with his actions. Instead much humor was infused through him and his friends.

Overall I adored the story and kudos to Ethan Day for taking a difficult topic as death and delivering the grief process in an understanding and realistic manner.

Karyn Gerrard

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