Review: Play With Me (Pleasure Playground #1) by Eliza Gayle

February 18, 2016 Review 0

Review: Play With Me (Pleasure Playground #1) by Eliza Gayle

Eve’s desperate denial only means one thing…she has a lot to learn.

As the receptionist at Altered Ego, the hottest fetish photography studio in the country, Eve Blake has seen what goes on behind closed doors. And she wants in, no matter what it takes. When a custom order comes up for a plus-sized red head, she volunteers for the job. Maybe pretending to be a sexual slave for Chase’s camera will finally get her noticed by the two men she thinks will understand even her darkest cravings.

Chase can’t believe he and Murphy agreed to this deal. Eve is their employee and they learned the hard way not to mix business with pleasure, no matter how sexy she is. Now Eve wants to play in a game she thinks is pretend and he can't stop thinking of their rope against her creamy flesh. But once they start, there's no turning back. They'll have to have her.

Title: Play With Me
Author: Eliza Gayle
Series: Pleasure Playground #1
Narrator: Gregory Salinas
Length: 4 hours 53 minutes
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: February 20th 2014
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Menage, Romance
Pages: 139 pages
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames
I received this book for free from the Publisher or Author in exchange for an honest review, or I purchased it with my own funds. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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I really enjoyed reading this book by Eliza Gayle! This is book one in her Pleasure Playground series and I am in love with it!

Eve is a office assistant at Altered Ego-a fetish photography studio. Eve is very much interested in the two men, Chase and Murphy, who run the business, after she’s viewed some of their photography sessions from the shadows. When an order comes in that requests a plus-size woman with red hair, Eve knows this is her chance to be noticed by the two men who she believes could bring her to sexual heights she’s only dreamed of.

I really liked Eve and felt her sorrow from her past that rears it’s head time and time again. She knew what she wanted and I give her credit for pulling up those panties and going for it. It is apparent both Chase and Murphy have feelings for Eve that they have kept to themselves. When she suggested she do the photo shoot, Murphy jumped at the chance. Chase was a harder sell. It was because he was still screwed up in the head over his last menage relationship not panning out. I loved the dynamic of Murphy doing the scene and Chase setting it up and photographing it. He really felt for Eve and didn’t want to ultimately hurt her in any way. What happens when the intense intimacy leaves lasting feelings for the threesome? Can they come to terms with the chemistry they have never felt with anyone else before?

I listened to this audiobook and loved the narrator Gregory Salinas. He was very expressive and captured all three characters perfectly. I never felt like it was rushed or didn’t know who was speaking. He was very captivating to listen to!

This was such an attention getter from the beginning and it is a perfect intro to the new Pleasure Playground series. I definitely will be checking out future books!

5 stars/5 Flames


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