Review: Pool Man by Sabrina York

May 8, 2015 Review 1

Review: Pool Man by Sabrina York

Pool Man by Sabrina York

Paige Barber needs a vacation. She can’t resist her best friend’s offer of a remote vacation home on a private Caribbean island. Jimmy, the sexy pool boy, is part and parcel with the offer. But recently dumped Paige has no intention of taking advantage of that amenity…until she sets eyes on Jimmy. He’s not a boy at all, but the sexiest man Paige has ever met.

And he can cook. Boy, can he cook!

She thinks it will be easy returning to the real world after an utterly wanton and sensuous week in the arms of a hot, hard, perfect man. But it’s not. It’s not easy at all.

Title: Pool Man
Author: Sabrina York
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Published by Self
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: May 5, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 91
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

I have had this on pre-order since I first found out it was there last month.  There are a few reasons for that.

Reason one: It is by Sabrina York.  She has been on my auto buy list pretty much since I the first time I read one of her books.  I have yet to read one of her books I didn’t at least like, if not totally love!

Reason two:  Look at that cover. *sigh* Take a second and gaze.  I will wait. *wiping a spot of drool* Not a naked chest in sight, but holy hotness Batman!  That has got to be the sexiest wet t-shirt I have ever seen. *sigh* And that curl down the center of that lovely face . . . Don’t ask me why, but this cover has just grabbed me and hasn’t let go yet.

Reason three:  pre-order was only 99 cents.  Cost is supposed to go up now that it is released, but maybe, if you hurry, you can still get the lower price.  But I have to tell you, I would pay the higher price for that cover.

Reason four:  the blurb talks about a Caribbean vacation complete with sexy pool boy that even knows how to cook.  Now that sounds like my kind of vacation.  I have spent many an hour gazing at that beautiful cover and fantasizing about the vacation I . . . Hmmmm . . .  Oh!  Sorry.  Drifted off there for a bit.

Now that it is here and I have forced myself past the cover, I have to tell you that the story lives up to that cover.  OMG!  That vacation was just as hot as my imagination thought it might be.  Book me a flight!  I did spot an interesting twist early on, and I am sure I was supposed to.  It hooked me in and had me eagerly reading to see just where things were going, and there were several directions it could have gone.

Then the vacation was over.  I actually put the book down and stomped around the house for a bit.  That was NOT the way the vacation ended in my fantasy!  Oh no, it was not!  But, I remembered this was a Sabrina York romance, calmed down and went back to the story.  A right turn, a left turn and *sigh* a very satisfying ending.  All is right with my world again.

Pool Man is another of those “bed-time” stories I like to find every once in a while.  Less than a hundred pages so a quick read.  Even though I stayed up to midnight so I could read it right away, I still got a decent night’s sleep.  A lovely sleep it was too, filled with wonderfully pleasant dreams of my very own Pool Man.


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