Review: Pour Some Cocoa on Me by Stephanie Beck

December 5, 2014 Review 0

Review: Pour Some Cocoa on Me by Stephanie Beck

Heading home to Tennessee for Kimmy means dinner with her parents, laughing with her sisters, and the traditional silly family photo. This year she also has a bag full of surprises for her family—including Andrew and Joe, the two sexy Navy men she has married. Kimmy takes her men around her old stomping grounds, adding a little naughty cheer to her favorite places. Connecting with the past while planning for the future brings the three closer, but they’ll be asking for a Christmas miracle to get Kimmy’s family to go along with their version of family.

Title: Pour Some Cocoa On Me
Author: Stephanie Beck
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Source: Publisher
Published: 5 December 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 73
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Kimmy, Joe and Andrew are all former Navy officers and are preparing for their first Christmas as a civilian family unit.  Legally married to Andrew, but just as committed to Joe, Kimmy is in the early stages of pregnancy: with a move and all of the Christmas kerfuffle on top of the pregnancy she is an emotional mess.  Joe is far better at the emotional bits: sisters, aunts and a strong family have him familiar and confident in the role of nurturer.  Andrew, although he wants to help, has no warm fuzzy memories of family and finds that ‘doing something’ or giving a gift is his better option.  When Kimmy’s meltdown day reveals her wish to spend Christmas at her family’s home, the plans are set in motion.  Joe’s family already knows of their unusual relationship, and they were supportive after the dust settled.  Kimmy’s family is different.

From the initial meeting at the Memphis airport where Kimmy’s mother puts her foot in it: the emotional Kimmy is more than prepared for a horrible experience and immediately spins back in her memories to her feeling as an outsider, without a connection or understanding from her parents.   Several family meals that will feel incredibly familiar to many highlight this story that really is about family and it’s importance to this group, and to Kimmy in particular.

I enjoyed these characters: while this story was strongly focused on Kimmy, the support and reasoned thought that both Joe and Andrew brought to the story, as well as the interactions with her younger sister, all added to give a feeling of familiarity to the story while giving the reader a look into a life different from their own.  With several insets of incredibly steamy sex, the couple uses their time alone together to reconnect and reinforce their relationship, with their individual ties and feelings for Kimmy taking center stage: the relationship between Joe and Andrew is much like a hand-off – they are both there for her, but their own relationship is friends, colleagues and men dedicated to her.

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