Review: Practice Makes Perfect (Southern Comfort) by Sarah Title

August 29, 2016 Review 0

Review: Practice Makes Perfect (Southern Comfort) by Sarah Title

Sometimes the best surprises come wrapped in a bow-tie…

Helen Lee has a top-secret dream: to publish a romance novel. There’s just one problem, and her most recent rejection letter doesn’t mince words: Helen can’t write a love scene to save her life. As Head of Reference at Willow Springs, Kentucky’s Pembroke College, Helen is hoping her library research skills will do the trick. But she may have to resort to a far more “hands-on” course of study. Luckily, there’s someone who’s more than happy to instruct her…

History professor Henry Beckham has noticed that his friend, Helen, is behaving strangely. Known for her laser sharp focus—not to mention her snorting laugh—she’s been oddly distracted. He misses that laugh. But it all makes sense when he catches Helen researching erotic writing and discovers her ambition. She seems to think her only option is to die of embarrassment or give up and surrender to spinsterhood in the company of her two basset hounds. Good thing Henry has a much more real-life approach in mind. And his tutorial just might teach them both a thing or two…

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Author: Sarah Title
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Series: Southern Comfort
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 08/30/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 90
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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What a fun time I had reading Practice makes perfect.  Sometimes I am in the mood for a funny and short story.  This one was everything I was looking for and then some.  It is not an easy task to be able to create a good story with an interesting character development in less than 100 pages, Sarah Title managed to do it perfectly.  When I reached the end of the story I caught myself hoping that I could have stayed a little longer into the world of Henry and Helen.

Helen is a librarian (I always love when the main character loves books as much as I do!!!).  She is working in a college and she has a big secret : she wrote a romance novel.  She did not tell anybody about it, worrying that she would be judged by her colleagues and family, so she kept it to herself.  She submitted her manuscript to a contest and it was refused.  She received some constructive criticisms from an editor that asked her to work on her intimate scenes and to submit her book again once it is revised.  Helen was taken aback, she had no clues what was wrong with these scenes or how to rewrite those.  Helen is a charming character, full of life and funny as hell.  I really loved how she cope with disappointment: drinking wine and dress up in a disco dress while listening to disco songs.  I can totally picture myself doing the same thing (I might trade the dress for Disco pants instead though). Her dogs are lovely; it added a “doggie” vibe that made this story great!

Henry is a historian in college.  Helen and he are close friends and he is trying to prove that one of the historical building that was bought by the college used to be a brothel in the early 1900’s. He is stating that it must be kept as it is for its significant importance in the community.  He is having a hard time to find some facts to corroborate his hypothesis.  One day, he went to the library to discuss with Helen but she was watching something on her computer.  She was so focused that she did not hear him creeping up to her side.   Then Henry  saw she was reading about how to write steamy scenes.  Helen did not react well when she realized that he was there.  Being a good friend, he suggested to Helen to actually practice some steamy scenes together to better her writing.  That is quite funny coming from a character that is so conservative.  He is a real gentleman and he is trying to help Helen.  This is when the story become really funny and entertaining.

The pace was great and I love the writing style of Sarah Title.  She was able to make the main characters alive and as crazy as this story is, I believed it! Who knows that might be happening to me one of these days!

I definitely recommend this short read; you will read it in one sitting and I am quite sure that you will be left craving for more!!

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