Review: Psychic Says (Revelations #2) by J.J. Black

March 19, 2016 Review 0

Review: Psychic Says (Revelations #2) by J.J. Black

Book 2 in the Revelations series

A spirit is a terrible thing to waste.

Stephen Jurgens has always gone his own way, both professionally and personally. Disowned as a child by parents who did not approve of his gifts, Stephen struck out on his own and, along the way, became a highly sought-after psychic. Between his own private clients and the consulting work he does for Revelations, business has never been better. If only his love life was meeting with as much success. Despite his efforts to reach out and enjoy the dating scene, his heart remains drawn to only one man—Maddox Blackwood.

Alpha of the Pontiac wolf pack, Maddox Blackwood is the only man Stephen has ever met who has the power to destroy him. Their initial meeting led to a rejection of epic proportions that left Stephen wary of any kind of romantic entanglement. Now, eight years later, Maddox is back and ready to claim Stephen as his own, as he should have done all those years ago. The only question is, can Stephen find it in himself to forgive the past and accept the future Maddox is offering?

All thoughts of mating are put on the back burner when Revelations receives a call for help from a local cougar pride. People are dying, but are their deaths as mundane as they appear or is something more nefarious plaguing the Pride lands? With their investigation underway, Stephen and his team soon discover that things aren’t always what they seem, and just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t hunting you.

Title: Psychic Says
Author: J J Black
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Series: Revelations #2
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: March 8, 2016
Genres: Ghost Story, Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 207
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I’ve been on this human/shifter romance kick lately so when I read the blurb for Psychic Says I felt it was right up my alley. Human psychic, Alpha wolf shifter, local cougar pride in trouble, all which really caught my fancy. Once I started reading and found Stephen the human psychic could sense and talk to spirits, I was really drawn in. What could a psycho do to help shifters? What could hunt shifters and why? Moreover, what happened in Stephen’s and Maddox’s past that made Stephen gun shy? Lots of potential for me to get lost in here.

I’m feeling a bit ambiguous about this book. On one hand, I really liked it. I found the whole psychic and mystery side to the story very good. It offered up quite the suspense and intrigue of the edge of your seat variety that I get a kick out of. The whole ghost, necromancer, who-done-it was top notch. As for the characters, separately, I enjoyed them. I was thrown a bit about the pronunciation of Stephen. Is it pronounced STEE-ven or STEF-en because at times he was called Steph, which threw me all out of whack. Even the secondaries were entertaining. Add into it this was a second in a series, I never would have guessed it! It worked so well as a stand-alone. Now for what I found bothersome: Maddox and pursuance of Stephen. You are an Alpha…got it. He is your mate…got that, too. He was just very persistent, constantly persistent, beat the dead horse persistent about the Alpha and mate bits that it got to be very repetitive and eventually too persistent for me. See how I droned on about his persistence and how bothersome I got? Yes, that’s how I felt about Maddox. It didn’t feel it made a good balance with the mystery that was going on. Still, the story was good. I just could have used just a little bit less of the ‘me Alpha, you mate’ business and more of the ‘And the killer is…’

As I mentioned before, this was my first book in the Revelations and found it to be a very good stand-alone. It is also my first by author J.J. Black and I’d be willing to read more of her works. As for recommending this book, I would say go ahead. Overall, it was a good story, just with a bit of persistence I wish was a bit more toned down. It certainly will have you thinking about ghosts a bit differently.



Psychic Says
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