Review: Ragged Edge (Body Masters #1) by Sara Brookes

December 9, 2013 Review 1

Review: Ragged Edge (Body Masters #1) by Sara Brookes

Finalist: 2013 EPIC Award Erotica Category
Nominee: Best GLBT Menage a Trois (or more) Romance

Dalton is no stranger to hitting rock bottom. He's worked hard to turn his life around. Now he has a quiet life, a successful business and a no-strings-attached arrangement for sex with Kincade. Everything is just as it should be. Then a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by a sexy newcomer, and Dalton realizes something is missing.

Caught up in the intense passion the men share, Erin doesn't know whether to run or get between their hard bodies. She's convinced her attraction is wrong. However, a little persuasion from both Dalton and Cade convinces her she belongs with and between them.

Erin's surrender becomes Dalton's reawakening. A BDSM master, Dalton is in his element commanding his lovers, and soon the threesome fills their nights with mind-blowing pleasure. But when a piece of Dalton's past resurfaces, it threatens the very foundation he's built . . . and could put him back at the bottom.

Warning: Contains gay sex on the seat of a motorcycle with the town sheriff, a mind-bending trip into subspace, voyeuristic blow jobs, two subs who willingly kneel before their master and lots and lots of ménage sex in a secret room tucked away behind a motorcycle shop. Vroom, vroom.

Title: Ragged Edge
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: Body Masters
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Source: Author
Published: July 13, 2011
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance, M/M Erotica, Menage
Pages: 274
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

I’ve read several books now by Sara Brookes and Ragged Edge is my absolute favorite. The dynamics in this book is incredible. No meet, hop in bed and HEA in 24 hours or less here. The time span of the story takes place over several months so you know there is time for their relationship to evolve naturally. The character development of Dalton, Cade and Erin is very well detailed. They are all less than perfect filled insecurities and flaws that make them feel very real. No doubt there is a connection between all the characters but the author presents their story in such a way I instantly connected to them as well. Really, my favorite parts are their story. Yes the sex is hot (see below) but instead of feeling very rushed bits mixed between hot sex I felt Ms Brookes took her time to present their story in such a way that you can get to know the players as individuals instead of cardboard sex toys.

This is one HAWT book! So without further ado look forward to reading about M/M, F/F, M/F and the best part…M/F/M. There is also some BDSM, sex toys, bondage and anal play. The sexual heat will curl your toes. But it’s not all about the Spank-O-Vision or the bow-chica-wow-wow it’s the emotional connection between Dalton, Cade and Erin that makes the sex sizzling hot.

This book is a must read. I’m telling all my friends as I am tell you GET.THIS.BOOK.

Ragged Edge

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