Review: RAW (Torn Between Two Lovers #1) by Jo Davis

October 11, 2013 Review 0

Review: RAW (Torn Between Two Lovers #1) by Jo Davis

TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS is a gripping and sexy romance trilogy with a unique twist: Our heroine needs your help to decide who wins her heart… RAW introduces this sizzling new series, in which two enticing men will vie for Anna’s heart—culminating in a choice that will be determined by reader vote!

Anna Claire is a prominent restaurateur, the toast of New York. She’s not one to let down her guard, but her new prep chef is gorgeous enough to cause her to break her own rules, and soon she’s tearing up the sheets with Grayson James. More than that, she’s falling in love.

Until she discovers that Grayson is no chef. He’s an FBI agent investigating a drug ring he suspects is using her restaurant. Anna is shattered to learn she was just part of his cover.

The case means everything to Gray, right until the moment he loses what matters the most—not his intended target, but Anna. Gray is devastated when the woman he loves learns of his betrayal. Especially with his greatest enemy all too eager to take advantage of her…

So, will you join #TeamGrayson or #TeamJoaquin? Make the informed choice: Don’t miss RISKY, available in November 2013.

Title: RAW
Author: Jo Davis
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Series: Torn Between Two Lovers
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Risky
Published by Pocket
Source: Publisher
Published: October 15th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 80
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Stars: four-stars

Raw is the first book in the Torn Between to Lovers series. This quick read is loaded with intrigue, romance and hot sex. There’s an added element to this story that author Jo Davis has added that I find quite refresh – the reader gets to vote on which guy (TeamGrayson or TeamJoaquin) Anna gets to keep. For the unique opportunity to help choice the final hero, I would recommend reading this series.

My vote on Anna is still iffy on if I like her character. For such a smart woman, running her own restaurant, toast of the town, she seemed too clueless about all the shenanigans going on under her very nose. I prefer my leading female characters to be a bit more intelligent than that. Of course, no story that has an undercover agent would be complete without some intrigue, which is excellently provided by one uber sexy Grayson James, FBI agent, posing as a lowly prep chef in her kitchen. The thought alone sends me into giggles until I think how yummy him and Anna were together. I did think their relationship progressed fast but I guess since this is a quick read at 80 pages that was to be expected. Personally, absolute favorite part of the book was the introduction of Sterling. I won’t elaborate so I don’t spoil it but can I just say a big AWWWW!

Since this is a trilogy, there is most obviously a cliffhanger but instead of it being ‘wait to see what happens next’ scenario the author has put a new spin on it. Instead of the author deciding who Anna chooses, choice that will be determined by reader votes. That is unique concept for a romance book and notches this review up a star just for adding that little twist. Most obviously, book #1 in the Torn Between Two Lovers  series is about Anna with Gray. I’m going to go out on a limb and say book #2 will be Anna with Joaquin. I’m very curious to see how this series will end and plan on voting myself…that is after I read the next book.

RAW (Torn Between Two Lovers #1)

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