Review: Reason to Believe (White Lace #2) by Gina Gordon

July 5, 2016 Review 0

Review: Reason to Believe (White Lace #2) by Gina Gordon

Grace: I thought that reinventing myself as a corporate go-getter would be easy compared to my old life as an escort, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After taking a full-time office job, my past has come back to haunt me, my love life is nonexistent, and I miss sex—even with the lying cheats who used to be my clients. The trouble is, the closest thing to a man in my life is Ben Lockwood. After pushing me away, that jerk has the nerve to ask a favor—so why is he so hard to resist?

Ben: Working my way up from cameraman to vice president of an adult media company has been . . . interesting. To focus on my career, I swear off all distractions—especially sex—and turn to Grace Nolan, the most poised and polished woman I know, for help cleaning up. But after my little vow of celibacy, spending time with Grace is pure torture. I can’t touch her, and yet I can’t stop thinking about her. And deep down, I know the reason why.

Title: Reason to Believe
Author: Gina Gordon
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Series: White Lace #2
Published by LoveSwept
Source: Author
Published: July 5, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 256
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Stars: three-half-stars
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You know when you read that first book in a series and it is so freaking great, then the next comes out and you expect it to be THAT good as well… And then it’s only good not the freaking great as the first… Yeah I’m there with Reason to Believe.


Let me clarify, this book did not suck. Far from it, Reason to Believe was actually a good book. Grace and Ben were great characters, practically two peas in a pod with their backgrounds. He’s the new VP at White Lace after Max left. Not only has he filmed porn he’s been in a few of them as well. Grace was a paid escort and is now trying to establish herself in the corporate world. Both are trying to put their pasts behind them but insecurities and fear are crippling their confidences. When they are with each other, they can be themselves. Unfortunately, he has serious trust issues when it comes to women and is afraid to commit to one woman. She wants a man who can see her for herself not as Jade, and will be committed to just her. Neither thing they are good enough for each other. Really, with their inner turmoil’s, history in the sex industry, and who their best friends are, you know they were perfect together. And the way Ben FINALLY tell Grace he loves her, OMG…it does not get any more romantic than that!


So, with how much I enjoyed the book why was it such a disappointment to me? Because the first book, Rush, had me laughing up a storm and Reason to Believe… didn’t. Oh, there was passion, great characters – some new and old familiars, and creative little twists along the way. But where they was humor previously, it was substituted with doubts and angsts this time around. In addition, since the story is told in dueling 1st person POVs we get to experience all their roller coaster emotions. The sex still sizzled and as much as I liked Ben and Grace, their story just lacked the fun I got the first time around. I was so looking forward to that fun. Sigh…


Reason to Believe really is worth the read. Fans of author Gina Gordon, which I do now count myself as one, are going to want to read it. However, if you are expecting a repeat of the first book in the series with all its humor, then you may be sadly disappointed.



Reason to Believe
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