Review: Red Rose (Blood) (Deadly Rose #1) by Michael Kudo

October 16, 2014 Review 0

Review: Red Rose (Blood) (Deadly Rose #1) by Michael Kudo

“I don’t like to be called an Assassin, I prefer the term problem solver.”

My name’s Alex. I’m an average guy. I kill people for a living. But don’t judge me.

I don’t take jobs on just anybody though. I only kill the really annoying people, like cheaters or abusers. So if you think about it, I’m actually doing God’s work—okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit.

Other than the whole committing murder and trying to get away with it thing, my life is simple.

Well… except for the fact I’m in love with a fellow assassin who happens to be my mentor. I also have to make sure I’m careful when I’m on the job because if I ever fail a hit, I’ll be considered a “liability” and be executed promptly. Oh, and there’s a small chance someone in the organization is trying to have me killed. But I’ll figure that out, eventually. Did I mention I’m gay?

Okay, maybe my life isn’t so simple

Title: Red Rose (Blood)
Author: Michael Kudo
Series: Deadly Rose #1
Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 10th 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 169
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

As a debut novel, Red Rose (Blood) was fairly good. I know the author is classifying his book in the M/M romance genre but I’m not exactly sure that would be a good fit. Certainly, this is M/M as Alex is very much gay. Not as in full on Liberace sequin gay, but as in women are not my thing. Of course there is a love interest but I’ll get back to him in a bit. For right now I will think of this book as a bit of a murder/mystery because with Alex being a assassin (excuse me…problem solver) there is a murder or two to be expected and lots of twists to puzzle through.

Of Alex, expect snarky, smart mouth comments because if I had to use one word to describe him it would be SARCASTIC! Whew…sometimes it was a bit much especially when it was piled on top of all the similes the author seems to favor. Both can be a character flaw of Alex and not because of what he does for a living. For those of you who don’t like 1st POV stories, this isn’t for you. This book is done 100% 1st person where not only are we experiencing Alex’s perspective but it also feels like Alex is telling his story as if we were having a conversation where I am expected to reply. Strangely enough, I did find myself wanting to answer him if nothing else to say enough! Now back to the love interest, Lance. I at first like him although I wasn’t quite sure what the attraction was between him and Alex was all about. Their dialog lent in to yes there is something that would be exciting to follow along and I wanted to see more. And then Lance pulls a complete WTH move. Really? Really. I’m not giving any details but a rating of his DoucheNoodle move would be two pints of B&J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yes, it’s that bad.

So for the story itself, I found it very humorous and it moves along very well. It certainly is captivating with all the description that go into it. The author has quite the ability to paint a good picture so when Alex goes into detail, I had no problem seeing it in my head. There’s quite a few sneaky twists that kept me guessing along the way and kept me very entertained.However, I have a confession to make. I didn’t realize this was to be a series. I guess I missed that part and really I didn’t get that feeling from reading the book, that is until I hit the O.M.G. cliffhanger. That would be one of those jaw-on-the-floor type that had me immediately running to the author’s blog to see when the next book comes out. No clue when to expect it but I’ll be checking back frequently.


Red Rose (Blood)
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