Review: Regal Reward by Elaine Violette

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Review: Regal Reward by Elaine Violette

Marielle Henley's betrothal to Richard Craymore has settled her future until her disobedience leads her into the path of a ruggedly handsome highwayman.

York Blackstone's seemingly invulnerable nature, hardened by a life molded in poverty and thievery, is tested when he becomes enamored with his beautiful and defiant captive.

When she reveals the name of her betrothed she becomes a pawn in his obsession to destroy the man who falsely accused his father of treason and left his family desolate. York will let nothing or no one, not even his alluring captive, stand in his way. Marielle becomes trapped between loyalties to her betrothed and to her own heart.

An unlikely group of conspirators joins together to bridge the gap between the power of the privileged and the determination of the discarded in society to seek justice. York and Marielle's union must be sacrificed in the struggle to clear his father's name. Could a meddling elderly aunt bridge the gap and bring the two lovers together, or is it too late?

Title: Regal Reward
Author: Elaine Violette
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 14, 2007
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 260
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

This was a fun and entertaining story for me.  But then I do like an historical romance and all the ways the different authors write about the machinations of the era.  Elaine Violette did a very fine job.

Marielle is the daughter of Lord Henley, but has often happens, it was the servants, Gerald and Matty, who did the actual care giving. In historical romance terms, she is a bit of hoyden – running wild and free.  In spite of that she is quite compassionate, loving and loyal, if a bit on the naive side.  But that is to be expected of a young country miss.

Now York Blackstone on the other hand, has had to learn to survive on the mean streets of London and has hardened his heart to emotions.  He has a mission in life and doesn’t plan to deviate from it. But, he wasn’t always that way. He actually has some rather poetic moments.  “When your tongue wakes up, it chirps and flutters like mother birds skittering in the grasses to find food for their young,” York teased as he brushed aside her tousled curls.

Finding Marielle on the side of the road guarding her pet hound who has just given birth (I loved this opening scene of Beatrice giving birth) messes with York’s plans.  The daughter of a rich land owner should bring in some income.  When York finds out who she is engaged to, Richard Craymore – son of the man who destroyed his family, thoughts of revenge dance in York’s head. But, what are these feelings he his having?  He isn’t supposed to have them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in this book.   From the vile Lord Craymore to delightfully interfering Aunt Cornelia.  They were all well developed and added to the joy of this story.  The action was nicely paced and exciting.  From the kidnapping of Marielle to the exposure of Lord Craymore’s crimes.

What surprises me is that I enjoyed this wonderful romp and it was not filled with a lot of cussing, though there was definitely some cuss worthy moments, and the sex was rather pg rated. This was not an erotic romance.  It was kind of refreshing to read a sweet historical romance reminiscent of Georgette Heyer.  Well done.

(This was previously published elsewhere and recently re-released)


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