Review: Relapse In Paradise (Long Shot Romance #2) by Roxanne Smith

November 9, 2015 Review 0

Review: Relapse In Paradise (Long Shot Romance #2) by Roxanne Smith

She likes Hawaii, but she just might love Boston…

Still stinging from her recent divorce, Emily Buzzly heads to majestic Hawaii to soothe her wounds. But once she arrives on Oahu, Emily discovers that a man she assumes is a beach bum is in fact her personal tour guide, hired by her sister. With his long hair and tattoos, Boston Rondibett is everything Emily detests—despite his sun-kissed surfer body. And with her straight-laced, executive persona, Emily is everything Boston rebels against. But both have a lot to learn about making snap judgments…

As it turns out, Boston’s real job, the one he truly cares about, is running his soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Embarrassed by her assumptions, rather than lazy beach days, Emily soon finds herself feeding the hungry, and even involved in the search for an AWOL soldier. And to Boston’s surprise, she’s loving every minute of it—and he’s loving seeing her loosen her chignon and be the admirable, beautiful woman she is. As each works through the challenges of the past, these two very different people just might find their hearts are on the very same page…

Title: Relapse in Paradise
Author: Roxanne Smith
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Series: Long Shot Romance #2
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: 10 November 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 192
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

I was pleasantly surprised by this story, the second in the series but working perfectly well without having read the first book, Roxanne Smith manages to bring together two very disparate characters who find a balance in their relationship that was missing before.

Emily is taking some time to heal after her divorce, not quite a ‘get her groove back’ moment, but taking the time to readjust and be nice to herself.  A bit of a driven go-getter, Emily is the sort of person who instantly catalogues people depending on their appearance, work and perceived ambitions.  When she first meets Boston, he fits perfectly into her less-than desirable beach bum category, not someone she would have normally spent time with, but her sister has hired him on to show her the island.

Boston is really only concerned with his soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Any aggravation he has to endure to get some ready cash for showing the spoilt and uptight Emily around the island is worth the aggravation as it will bring in more for his clients. He’s not impressed by the prim and proper Emily, and is truly furious when all she seems to see is a beach bum.

When things take a twist, and Emily finds herself completely out of her element: this beach bum with the tan and tattoos actually shows her his passion: caring for those who need a hand up. When she starts to be infected with Boston’s enthusiasm and heart, she begins to see that not everything in life can be (or should be) instantly categorized by how it looks.

These two balance each other nicely, although I have to say that Emily’s change of heart and growth was far larger than Boston’s.  With growth and a lovely slow-growing regard as the characters shed their protective shells to reveal their hearts, this is a wonderful story that will leave you smiling.

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