Review – Release (Jericho Brotherhood #2) by Jade Chandler

October 18, 2016 Review 0

Review – Release (Jericho Brotherhood #2) by Jade Chandler

Pain is my addiction and tattoos are my art.

In the Jericho Brotherhood MC, I’m the man to get the job done. That’s why they call me Rock.

From the first dance, I knew Avery Winston wasn’t a fast f*ck. One taste will never be enough when it comes to her. I crave her sweet skin and sassy mouth.

I screwed up and she sent me packing. With my second chance, I’ll do anything to keep her by my side.

But that ain’t easy. She doesn’t trust my MC, and they are my life. And there’s too much happening right now to show her what being an old lady means. Brothers fighting and escalating violence has me on the edge.

Then Avery’s family situation turns crazy. When chaos breaks out from all sides, I don't know if I can protect the one I love.

Title: Release
Author: Jade Chandler
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Series: Jericho Brotherhood
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Enough: A Dark, Erotic Motorcycle Club Romance, Deny
Published by Carina Press
Source: Publisher
Published: October 17th 2017
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Theme
Pages: 250
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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I know that some people like to compare books within a series. I don’t like doing that, nor would I be able to, considering how different this one felt for me. Not, different in a “I’m not sure if I liked it” way, different in a “this is so flippin’ cool” way. Let me explain…

Now that we know that Lila, aka Big Mama is with Dare and living the biker life, we know a little more about the club, what they do and what they stand for. Remember when Avery (the girl who owns the clothing shop across from Marked Men) hooked up with Rock at the bar? Well things were good between them until she found out that Rock had his hands in hurting Lila that day in the night club/bar. So now everything is left in this limbo between Avery and Rock. Avery doesn’t trust Rock and absolutely doesn’t trust the club and the Brotherhood, yet is still attracted to him in a big way. So after having a conversation with Lila, Avery realizes that life is too short and maybe, just maybe, she’s been judging things a little too harshly. So she gives in and allows herself to feel for Rock again. And that’s when this story REALLY takes off.

You see, Avery has this issue with pain. It’s taken her a very long time just to get inked. So when one of Rock’s secrets comes to light, she’s put in a very interesting and erotic situation that has her really looking at herself and Rock in a different light. SIDE NOTE: I LOVED THIS SCENE!!!!! Everything about it was beautiful and VERY well explained/done. Ok, back to the good stuff. Drama goes down in Avery’s family that literally leaves her breathless, confused and trying to find her way….again. But Rock is so solid, he’s the only family she needs…period. But the issue with the Avery trusting the club is still an issue, and a very big one.

This book is about so much. Finding ones self, helping those who matter in your life and most importantly acceptance. Acceptance in any and everything. The chemistry between the two is crazy beautiful, but the love they feel for each other is off the charts.

Another side note….I can’t believe that this is only the second book written by this author. No really. My mind is blown. I’ve read two books within the same series and felt like I got two completely different, yet similar (character intertwining) stories. Well done Jade. Well done!

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