Review: Rescued by a Stranger by Lizbeth Selvig

October 2, 2013 Review 6

Review: Rescued by a Stranger by Lizbeth Selvig

She’s a woman full of dreams
When a stranger arrives in town on a vintage motorcycle, Jill Carpenter has no idea her life is about to change forever. She never expected her own personal knight in shining armor would be an incredibly charming and handsome southern man—but one with a deep secret.

He’s a man hoping to outrun a tragedy
When Chase Preston jumped on his motorcycle to escape his wounded life, he didn't expect the perfect woman to fall into his arms... literally! But though he can't deny his feelings for the sweet and beautiful Jill, he doesn't see any way he and his mistake-filled past will fit into her bright future.

Falling in love may require more than either can give
The longer Chase stays in Kennison Falls, the more deeply Jill and the people of her home town pull him in. The more Jill discovers heroic qualities in Chase, the more she wants to find a home in his arms—if only he would trust her with the truth. But will truth tear them apart when Jill’s dreams start coming true and Chase’s past finally returns to haunt him? Or, can they get beyond dreams to find the love that will rescue their two hearts?

Title: Rescued by a Stranger
Author: Lizbeth Selvig
Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: 1 October, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 400
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Stars: four-stars
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A sweet story that has so many different elements combining to keep the reader entertained, Lizbeth Selvig managed to make a 400 page story speed by with the clever characters, insets of humor, animals and a town’s fight against a corporation.

Jill is a veterinary student: home for the summer working at the clinic, working in the stable where her horses are housed, teaching riding lessons and harboring a dream of making the olympic team. When she swerves her hated suv into a ditch to avoid hitting a stray dog, her ketchup splattered clothing nearly gave her rescuer, Chase fits.

Chase is running: from bad experiences and dreams at home in Memphis, on a classic Triumph bike that his grandfather told him to take, and will soon be employed by an old family friend in a construction crew. While he is reserved and unwilling to ‘get attached’, the attraction between the two is electric and palpable.

Selvig developed these characters with care and precision, minuscule details are as important as the big picture, conversations are real and the sense and feel of a small town with plenty of characters is both well described and detailed. The connection between Chase and Jill is palpable, even when the two are afraid to communicate. With some sibling rivalry, and a battle for the sanctity of the nearby natural preserve from a construction company looking to build a quarry; the multitude of input in the story never gets old.

A solid resolution with several moments about horseback riding and therapeutic riding equipment and the benefits of both on self-confidence and physical well-being were beautifully integrated and I hope (from a personal standpoint) that it will encourage people to explore those options in their own lives.

Avon Romance

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Author Info

LIZBETH SELVIG lives in Minnesota with her best friend (aka her husband) and a hyperactive border collie. After working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son, Lizbeth entered Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest in 2010 and won the Single Title Contemporary category. That book, The Rancher and the Rock Star, became her debut novel with Avon Impulse. In her spare time, she loves to hike, quilt, read, horseback ride, and play with her four-legged grandchildren, of which there are nearly twenty, including a wallaby, an alpaca, a donkey, a pig, two sugar gliders, and many dogs, cats and horses. She loves connecting with readers! Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at

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“Heck, what good is having a big, strong, Southern biker around if he can’t protect you from boogie men?” Her eyes began to focus in the dim light. “Where’s the dog?”

“She was right here.”

“Angel?” Jill called. “C’mon, girl. Let’s go get you something to eat.” She’d responded to her new name all evening. Jill frowned.

Chase gave a soft, staccato, dog-calling whistle. Angel stuck her head out from a stall a third of the way down the aisle. “There she is. C’mon, girl.”

Angel disappeared into the stall.

“Weird,” Jill said, and headed down the aisle.

At the door to a freshly bedded, empty stall they found Angel curled beside a mound of sweet, fragrant hay, staring up as if expecting them.

“Silly girl,” Jill said. “You don’t have to stay here. We’re taking you home. Come.”

Angel didn’t budge. She rested her head between her paws and gazed through raised doggy brows. Chase led the way into the stall. “Everything all right, pup?” He stroked her head.

Jill reached for the dog, too, and her hand landed on Chase’s. They both froze. Slowly he rotated his palm and wove his fingers through hers. The few minor fireworks she’d felt in the car earlier were nothing compared to the explosion now detonating up her arm and down her back.

“I’ve been trying to avoid this since I got off that dang horse.” His voice cracked into a low whisper.


He stood and pulled her to her feet. “Because I am not a guy someone as young and good as you are should let do this.”

“You’ve saved my life and rescued a dog. Are you trying to tell me I should be worried about you?”

She touched his face, bold enough in the dark to do what light had made her too shy to try.


The hard, smooth fingertips of his free hand slid inexorably up her forearm and covered the hand on his cheek. Drawing it down to his side, he pulled her whole body close, and the little twister of excitement in her stomach burst into a thousand quicksilver thrills. Her eyelids slipped closed, and his next question touched them in warm puffs of breath.

“If I were to kiss you right now, would it be too soon?”

Her eyes flew open, and she searched his shadowy gaze, incredulous. “You’re asking permission? Who does that?”

“Seemed like the right thing.”

“Well permission granted, now hush.”

She freed her hands, placed them on his cheeks, roughened with beard stubble, and rose on tip-toe to meet his mouth while he gripped the back of her head.

The soft kiss nearly knocked her breathless with unleashed power. Chase dropped more hot kisses on each corner of her mouth and down her chin, feathered her nose and her cheeks, and finally returned wondrously to her mouth. Again and again he plied her bottom lip with his teeth, stunning her with his insistent exploration.  The pressure of his lips and the clean, masculine scent of his skin, took away her equilibrium. She could only follow the motions of his head and revel in the heat stoking the fire in her belly.

Rescued by a Stranger

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