Review: Restless Spirits by Kathy Bryson

September 2, 2014 Review 0

Review: Restless Spirits by Kathy Bryson

Marilee Harper is desperate to find another job after she accidentally set fire to the home of the richest woman in town. Converting an old hospital into a bed and breakfast seems like a golden opportunity. But faucets and lights turn themselves off and on, and old baseballs fly without help. Stressed and aggravated, Marilee wants nothing more than to redeem herself, even if it means hands off her sympathetic boss!

John Smith has every confidence in the bossy, strong woman he hired to launch his bed & breakfast. She handled difficult customers at the bank and now she’s handling electricity and plumbing and whatever unseen force keeps throwing baseballs. Who can blame him if he starts to admire the woman in more than strictly professional terms? But when the angry, treacherous King of the Fairies shows up, can Marilee become his champion?

Title: Restless Spirits
Author: Kathy Bryson
Published by SoulMate Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: June 18, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Ghost Story
Pages: 251
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

This book took much longer than it should have for me to read.  I kept dozing off, or I would hear social media or my email calling me and felt compelled to answer.  In other words, this book didn’t grab me.  I did find the characters to be interesting which is what kept me plodding along.

Marilee first appeared to be a scatter brained bitch that couldn’t seem to do anything right, well, according to her mother.  Actually sounded a lot like my mother and me.  That was kind of scary.  But, with some positive re-enforcement form our hero, John Smith, Marilee learns some self-control and a less volatile way to deal with her mother.  I came to like Marilee.  Even though she first appeared inept and fumbling, she was actually a loving, caring, and intelligent individual with a lot of baggage.  Again, I identified with her.

John Smith – poor guy getting stuck with such a generic name.  Since he teaches at the local college, you can even add professor to the name.  He is presented as your typical absent minded professor – accident waiting to happen type of guy.  But he is so much more.  For one thing, he immediately sees that there was more to Marilee than what a first impression would lead you to believe. Their first meeting was enough to scare anyone off, but John just smiled and came back for more.  I liked that.  He had a curious mind, and was open to the new, different and unexplained.  It was quite impressive the way he could roll with whatever was going on, whether it was Marilee yelling at her mother, or playing catch with a ghost.

The secondary characters were also interesting and diverse.  There was Trog – short for troglodyte, Thumbs – because he sucked his thumbs, Elvis – the silent cook who arrived with the local motor cycle club, and there was Jinx, just to name a few.  Their personalities were just as interesting as their names.

The story – there was great potential here, but the pacing as slow and plodding and not always cohesive.  There were jumps in plot from one paragraph to the next with no bridge.  For example we went from cleaning chimneys and gathering wood from the forest in one paragraph to a Farmer’s market/craft show all set up in the front yard in the next paragraph with no explanation of how we got from one to other.  No chapter break or fancy scroll work between even.  Whether poor formatting or poor editing I don’t know, but it was disorientating.

Once we finally got to explanations of why all the weird stuff was going on, it did get a bit exciting, but I wasn’t exactly gasping or catching my breath.  It was more like, “Ah ha.  I see. This is a real paranormal, not just a bit of a ghost story” as I scratched my head.  I am not sure I liked that twist.  It kind of confused me and felt a bit over the top for me.  All that build up about ghosts and learning who they were and how to get along with them, only to find something else was going on too.  It didn’t really work for me.

Then I get to the end of the book and read a blurb of another book written by this author to find out, this is a book two.  The first book was about one of Marilee’s best friends and how she met her boyfriend.  This first book may or may not have helped in my reading of this one, but I suspect I would have had a better understanding, or at least not been as surprised or as confused at the twist in this book, if I had read the other book first.  Just reading the blurb for the other book had me nodding my head and thinking, “okay, that makes a bit more sense.”

Will I read the other book?  Maybe.  I am curious about Megan and Fergus, but it isn’t on my “must read now” list.


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