Review: Retrieving Desire (Urban Seductions #2) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

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Review: Retrieving Desire (Urban Seductions #2) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Book 2 in the Urban Seductions series.

Worried that something has happened to her brother, Melia turns to Mishka for help. She knows he's not her biggest fan, but that doesn't dull the intense sexual chemistry that burns between them. More than a few seconds in a room together and fireworks explode. Mishka thinks a sexy, serious witch would be perfect for him.

Melia has the sexy in spades and a body to die for, but he doesn't trust her flighty demeanor. Still, he agrees to help her find her missing baby brother. It seems so simple, but leads to far greater adventures than Mishka could have dreamed.

From dark, lust-filled rave clubs through the seedy underbelly of Chicago's magical underworld, Mishka sees sides of Melia he never would have imagined in his wildest fantasies. Passion and desire explode between them, and soon the stakes are higher than ever.

Title: Retrieving Desire
Author: Elizabeth Lapthorne
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Source: Publisher
Published: February 18. 2011
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 139
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames

The second novel in the Urban Seductions series continues it’s thrilling action packed entertainment. Worried about her brother, Melia turns to Mishka for help in locating him.  Finding her baby brother should be easy, leads to a far greater adventure from dark, lust filled rave clubs through the seedy underbelly of the magical underworld. Passion and desire explode between them and the stakes get higher than ever.

Edge of the seat anticipation builds throughout this fast paced and smooth flowing plot and with well written scenes and details that inspire vivid images that capture the imagination the reader is thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.  The suspense builds with every lead that Melia and Mishka finds that leads to her brother and the passion escalates between them.  The characters are strong, compelling, easily related to and grab the reader’s attention.

The attraction between Mish and Mel burns up the pages and magical explodes with their combustible frequent sex scenes including PDAs in sexy club scenes that erupt in a fiery inferno.  The dynamic between Mishka and Mel is intriguing because they really don’t act like they like each other but that quickly changes when they realize there is more to each other than meets the eye and their passion brings down the barriers. And again it may have happened quickly, but it is obvious that these two belong together and even their magic thinks so, so who am I to argue especially when it leads to such an explosive and erotic romance.

The author’s fascinating world of magic and captivating characters continues to heat up the pages and with a few surprises along the way, I was totally caught up in the story and really was not ready for it to come to end, therefore I can’t wait to read the next one, although if it hotter than this one it might cause spontaneous combustion.


Retrieving Desire
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