Review: Review: A Vampire In New York (Cassandra Bick Chronicles) by Tracey Sinclair

March 23, 2016 Review 1

Review: Review: A Vampire In New York (Cassandra Bick Chronicles) by Tracey Sinclair

It should be fun to be a vampire in the city that never sleeps. But it can be hard to stand out if everyone else is already wearing black and staying up all night – especially if you’re more ‘short, ginger and nerdy’ than ‘tall, dark and handsome’. Lonely, broke and bored of blood bags, Barry is finding death a big disappointment – until he stumbles into the circle of the rich, mysterious and ridiculously hot vampire Laclos, vacationing in New York to escape his recent troubles in London.

Instantly smitten by this sexy stranger, Barry joins Laclos on an after dark tour of the city, from its glamorous hotspots to its seedy underside. But Laclos moves in a dangerous world where not everyone is so taken with his charm – and it’s starting to look like he hasn’t managed to leave all of his enemies back in England…

Barry is about to learn you need pretty sharp fangs if you want to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

A Vampire in New York is a Dark Dates short story

Praise for Dark Dates

“Sinclair’s characters are made of the same stuff as cult favourites Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse but with a fresh, British flavour.” Byte the Book recommended read

Title: A Vampire In New York
Author: Tracey Sinclair
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Series: Cassandra Bick Chronicles
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: July 29, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 39
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Stars: five-stars
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A Vampire In New York was a complete unexpected gem for me. In this series that I have absolutely LOVED, I have certain expectations of what I would be reading. I expect action, humor, and the gang to make their appearance. What I got was to see Laclos from a completely different POV…a new character!

Our new player here is Barry. A non-descriptive, boring, nerd. He’s pretty much a nobody in a city filled with Somebodys, with a capital S. His sire had gave him the basic How-to’s and has left him to fend for himself. Being undead certainly hasn’t been cracked up to all he thought it would be and at this point Barry has only been existing. Until one night, in a bar he comes across a ‘rockstar’ who teaches him what it is to be ALIVE!

Well now, Barry certainly seemed to be the walking definition of a loser. Starving, broke, and living in a crappy apartment. He really has no where to go but up. And up he goes when he finds himself the attention of Laclos. Mr. walking hormone himself! This is what I loved about this book, we got to see a completely different side of Laclos. Oh he still had his ‘I’m the center of the world revolve around me’ attitude, BUT, we also got to see a bit more human side to him. His taking Barry under his wing, helping him out, showing him what it is to really be a vampire, WOW! Who knew he had a heart! The second part I loved about this novella is getting to experience Laclos from a new point a view – one that isn’t jaded from all his naked, posing as Christ, obnoxiousness. Cain may have to watch out because I may have a new favorite male character in this series.
I’ve come to the last of the novellas in the Dark Dates series and I got to admit, I’m excited and devastated at the same time. Excited because I got to spend more time with Laclos and got to learn a little bit more about him. Devastated because now I have read all of Cassandra Bick Chronicles and have to wait for the next book. It’s been quite the exciting, hysterical and entertaining read for me, I just hate to see it end…for now. Yes for now, because I KNOW there has to be more. So I will now stalk, ummm I mean follow, author Tracey Sinclair and try not to pester her too much to give me more Cassandra. Right. Now.


A Vampire In New York

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