Review – Rewind & Go (Sander’s Valley #1) by Nancy Corrigan

May 18, 2016 Review 1

Review – Rewind & Go (Sander’s Valley #1) by Nancy Corrigan

Sometimes moving on means taking a step back.

Kyle Sander is an expert at starting over. At eighteen, he had his whole life planned out—marry his long-time girlfriend, take over his parents’ farm, have kids, and live out his days in Sander’s Valley. But his perfect life came screeching to a halt the day Ronnie Axel skipped town without a good-bye.

A decade later, the little rich girl he’d loved is back, looking sexier than ever. Finally, he has the chance to work her out of his system. Too bad he’s never been able to separate sex and love when it comes to Ronnie.

This time, their connection is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, the years apart didn’t fix their issues. Ronnie’s obligation to the Axel fortune threatens to tear them apart a second time. But it’s the family scandal involving her that might make their separation not only permanent, but…deadly.

Title: Rewind & Go
Author: Nancy Corrigan
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Series: Sander's Valley
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: May 24th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 193
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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How stinking cute is this short but perfectly sweet read? It’s just the right length with just the right substance to keep you glued in to the story and the outcome.

Ronnie (Veronica) was the “summer fling” that strolled in to Sander Valley once a year for 3 months. During those three months, she belonged to Kyle. When I saw belonged, I mean heart, body and soul. But they were just kids. High school sweethearts that had big dreams and no truth about what the real world was like. Dreams didn’t stop Kyle though, he followed his heart and was “all in”, until she left and never returned.

Jump forward ten years and guess who’s come to town? Yep, Ronnie. And she’s looking better than ever before. Although Kyle knows he should stay away, he just can’t keep myself from following her around town to make sure she’s safe. Good thing he did, because she needed his help. In more ways than Ronnie was even willing to admit. But letting her guard down is the last thing she’s ready to do. Too many things have happened to her in the last few months, and Kyle Sanders is the last thing she needs. Or is he?

Like I said before. This was super cute and sweet and left me with that gushy “awe” feeling at the end. Of course there’s a little drama to keep you glued, but the HEA is worth every minute of this read. This is the perfect book for those of you who have a couple of hours to sit down and unwind, so you can rewind and go on an adventure.


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