Review: Ride: In Between the Covers (Carolina Bad Boys #2.5) by Rie Warren

February 2, 2015 Review 0

Review: Ride: In Between the Covers (Carolina Bad Boys #2.5) by Rie Warren

The full, sexy, New Adult version of RIDE, the novella featured in Stone, At Your Service, Carolina Bad Boys series.

College man Jase Everly has bad boy written all over him. Rides a motorcycle? Check. Has tats? You bet. Couldn't give a shit about rules? He's all over that.

When he's cut off from the oil baron family funds, he finds a new way to support his education, his bike habit, his bad habits. And his business venture is nothing he's proud of.

Top-notch student Avery Greene is a good girl. Deans List, never missed a class, straitlaced material. She's on the college fast track until one night and one jock destroy her life. She hides inside her sweaters. She buries her nose in her books.

She ignores the pain inside her, and she's sure she hates Jase from the moment she lays eyes on him.

The problem is—Avery needs someplace to stay, and Jase wants a roommate. They’re enemies at first sight. Now they’re going to live together.

Roomies? Maybe.
Romance? Never.
That’s what she said.

Please note: This story includes a discussion of rape. This painful conversation is necessary for the growth of the couple's relationship.

Title: Ride: In Between the Covers
Author: Rie Warren
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Sugar Daddy, In His Command, Stone, At Your Service, Love, In the Fast Lane
Series: Carolina Bad Boys #2.5
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Stone, At Your Service, Love, In the Fast Lane, Steele: Into Your Heart, Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: January 8th 2015
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 153
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

Have you read Stone: At Your Service? It’s the first book in the Carolina Bad Boys series. It really isn’t necessary (however I HIGHLY recommend you do) for you to read the series for this book to make sense. If you haven’t let me give you just a tad bit of background. Leelee Songchild is a character in Stone who happens to be a romance writer. Ride is her debut title. So in reality the author is actually LeeLee and not Ms Warren! LOL!!!

Now that I got that tidbit of fun out of they way, let me get to the real review. Ride was AWESOME! Deeply emotional, sometimes humorous, sexy, too. Ride was very aptly named because it certainly was quite a ride! Jase is just this cuddly bear, a HOT sexy one but still a cuddly bear. College life has not been kind to Avery and she is just looking for a safe place to be when she finds herself on bad boy Jace’s doorstep. He’s exactly what Avery needs, only she just doesn’t know it yet. Jase and Avery are both harboring deep secrets and as they get revealed, WHOA NELLY! I’ll get back to that in a sec. The sex is hot between them but my favorite parts was the banter. As I have come to expect from author Rie Warren, it was quick, snap, alternating between laughter and tears. I loved the whole flow of the story and was so drawn in I gulped it down in one day.
Now back to those secrets. I’m not sharing Jace’s because frankly it’s something you as a reader should discover on your own. I will say this, it wasn’t exactly what I expected from a bad boy rich guy. As for Avery’s, yes I will share but only because it is quite painful and may be upsetting for some readers. Avery was raped. There are not (thankfully) an over amount of details of the mechanics but there is enough that you know what happens. I will say this, the author took a very painfully subject and handled in a very respectable matter.  Normally, I would rate this book 3 – Flames but due to the rape subject matter, I’m bumping it up to 4 – Flames.

Author Rie Warren is my latest author addiction and frankly if she writes anything I don’t like I’d be shocked. Happily I loved Ride. BTW…there’s another author in the Carolina Bad Boys series (Nicky Love) and we get tidbits of his books as well. Poke-poke Ms. Warren…I wouldn’t mind his books coming to the light of day as well. Anyhow,asking me if I would recommend reading Ride,and I would answer “Does a chicken have feathers?” so whip out whatever eReader you got and download Ride. Do it…NOW!



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